What's Up wit VEE?

I decided to step out with my fellow entrepreneur DIVAS this weekend and relax, man o man did we enjoy ourselves. It's always fun to step out with your ladies and simply enjoy a night on the town. Noooooo clubbing though. Clubbing gets played out quickly and how many meaningful relationship do you really make in the club? Ok anyway so we first stopped past a birthday party for a photographer friend of ours and had a few drinks. A few drinks was all I needed because after that I was ready to cut up LOL. We dipped out of there and hit up the Funny Bone to see Charlie Murphy.

This is where the night got a little interesting. Ok where do I start? First off I wasn't really prepared to laugh at his jokes because I've heard from too many people that he wasn't funny. Strangely that's the funny part about it to me, the fact that he can draw a crowd, get paid, do stand up and Not be funny, that's pretty damn amazing to me.
Honestly I can just laugh off the sound of his voice all night. Charlie is up there doing his thing and there is a sophisticated looking white women beside us that has just purchased a bottle of wine. *pause* Why are you and only you sipping on a whole damn bottle of wine at a comedy club? Needless to say when she was halfway through, homegirl started heckling. Yep blurting out all the damn punch lines to Charlie's jokes LOL. Apparently she had been to a few of his shows because she damn sure knew what the hell he was going to say next. The bad part about it was she didn't even appear to be trying to be funny LOL. She looked bored as hell and mad because she knew his jokes! LOL, we were cracking up! I don't even think Charlie knew how to address her ass because instead of free styling and roasting her ass he just said "Damn u just gonna burst out my jokes like that". Pahahahahaha! What??!! It's was awkward but funny.

I'm glad I had the hookup on those tickets because it wasn't worth my coins at all. What did ya'll get into?

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