Bring "Sexy" Back

Can you agree that when you look good you feel good?

I'm a strong believer in that. Women more often than not tend to lose and neglect themselves because of babies, marriages and careers.

Huh? The kids, your man and the job??'s either one or the other or maybe even all three! You get so caught up in tending to the little ones that you forget to take care of yourself. You get so accustomed to the "same ole, same ole" in an everyday marriage that you find yourself just "comfortable" and again overlooking yourself. If you are a dedicated career girl, then sometimes you are guilty of giving the job more than you give yourself. You are taking care of everything and everybody else that you pass over little ole YOU!!

Honey that is a NO NO!! It is time to Bring Sexy Back!
Take time out of your busy schedule DAILY and focus on you!!! Whether it's getting dolled up before work or pampering yourself after a long day with the family, every woman needs some "me" time. Pull out the pumps, grab those sexy fish net stockings, throw on something tight, stylish and fitted, comb out that hair, please don't forget your makeup and SMILE at that Goddess in the mirror!

When mama is alright then everybody is alright. Don't dismiss yourself! You only have one life, don't spend it losing yourself. Bring sexy Back.

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U are so right. We tend to not value ourselves as much as we should because we merely put everyone else b4 us.... we carry the load of being everything to and for everyone else. Look at how most men age vs. women! Hot mess...ness! Im getting my sexy turned up anotha notch! In Emerald voice! Love dis!

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