U've Asked so here it is!

ok I have been getting alot of request for this outfit I wore for this photo shoot so I want to share with you all on how it can be yours.

The key to a good photo shoot is simply "not to over think it". Less is more. Skin is In but there's a fine line between sexy and trashy. If you are not fortunate enough to have a stylist, a makeup artist, an assistant and a photographer that can actually pose you then do the minimum and you can still produce star quality photos.

Ok so how did I create this look?
1. The corset: you can log into ebay, type in corset and chose the cheapest one you see, it's simply as that:) They are 'one size fits all' and have adjustable strings in the back so you don't have to worry about sizing. You can get brand new ones for as little as .99 cents shipping straight from China where they are all made at anyway. (Cut out the middle man LOL).

2. The fish net Dress: I have on a very simply black fishnet dress under my corset that can be purchased for under $20 at any adult novelty shop.

3. The Shorts: I have on some very simply Black Boy shorts that u can purchase anywhere but I'm sure you have some at home anyway:)

4. The Accessories: Ok here is where the fun comes in! You can spice up this look anyway you want to and you can't possibly go wrong. I suggest bold, chunky statement pieces that command attention. You don't want your accessories to go unnoticed.

The key is making every piece on you Stand Out but remain cohesive together. This is a very easy look that has become artwork in our home:)

Happy Hunting:)

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Thank you darling.. appreciate the info! I am on it..I just need that corset!! lol.. Licia

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