Networking is Essential

Networking is Essential!!! Success is all in "who you know"!

'WHO you know will get you in....but WHAT you know will keep you there!" If you want Success you cannot be scared to open your mouth. Don't be that shadow in the back of the room that's just looking and lurking because a closed mouth will never get fed.

Don't know where to begin??? It's simple! Smile, shake hands, compliment, then introduce yourself. A smile is Welcoming and the compliment eases tension and brings the other person's guard down. The rest is all fluff until you find some common conversational ground or discover that you both know someone mutually lol. Make a lasting first impression and BAM...that's all to it! Just don't be afraid and timid, people can see right through you when you are nervous. Confidence goes a long ways. Even you are not about sh*t you can sale that bulls*t to someone else because your strong belief system has convinced them that there is some value in what you possess lol. People do this all the time! You ever heard the term: "Fake it til you make it"...welp that's where it's derived from.

Ok so this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the "Girlz who run the World" Networking Gala hosted by Pavor Snips or Sassy Snips Consulting. I went with one of my favorite Diva's, Marquita Bianca (CEO of Leglovers Inc.)and we had a great time over margarita's and jazz. We enjoyed ourselves and most importantly made some awesome connections!
Ok well now that you have networked, what to do now? Well first you have to remember this...No connection is too big or too small. Don't be intimated by the resume of a person that you think is out of your professional league because they maybe willing to assist you in some way shape or form. Secondly don't disregard the "small" people because you never know who they know! You ever heard of the 5degrees of separation? Basically it's when you meet somebody---that knows somebody---that knows somebody--who knows somebody else. You never know WHO somebody knows so every connection is essential. While you are fresh in their minds, contact them the next day via email or social site and just say thanks for the connection.

Your done! Those simple steps often lead to meaningful relationships down the line and doing this you will quickly see why Networking is Essential.

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