There's a Thin Line between Love and Lust

Are you mature enough to distinguish the difference between Love and Lust?

Love can get complicated REAL QUICK! There's so many different kinds of LOVE and then there's being "in LOVE"...HUGE HUGE HUGE difference!! Some people believe in Love at first sight then there are those that believe LOVE grows with time. Whatever you believe just don't be a sucka for Love! Don't be "in LOVE" with the concept of being "in LOVE". Merely focusing on just the concept will get your ass in trouble. You'll catch yourself dealing with people just for the heck of it, just for the sake of LOVE!

For the people that fall in Love too quick...guess what you are guilty of falling for the concept. Stay with me now so I can explain this to you. If you just meet a girl and less than 2weeks later you are already saying "I LOVE YOU", then nigga you just looking for a chick to love! It really don't even matter who she is, what she do, her personality barely plays a role because you just met her so you don't know have just fallen for the concept! You are a sucka for LOVE!

Now if you are just the "lovie" (what some refer to as "hopeless romantic") type then fine *shrugs* what ever floats your boat is cool BUT how many times are you left with open ended relationships months down the line because you chose to push the ship full steam ahead??? You are going to be back at square one over and over again with different chicks because you didn't take the time to get to know just want to be "in Love".

More often than not, this tends to happen more with females. It must be something in our genetic makeup that gets us GONE over a man quick. Some of us don't have a clue what the difference between LOVE and LUST is and we all have been gulity of this at some point in time in our lives. You'll save yourself a headache and heartbreak when you figure the shit out.

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