Is that right?

I read something online while browsing the web that was so profound I had to revisit it.

And I quote:
"Ladies it doesn't matter if U his 'main chick' or 'side chick'...if U not his 1 and only then u don't really matter that much to him".....

I saw that statement and had to sit the hell down for a second! That statement is "truer" than most people would like to admit. Some people don't recognize the truth until it slaps them in the face.

Let's break that statement down into sections.
First part: "Main chick or side chick".
Neither one really matters for real because yo ass can still be replaced. A wise man once told me if you are not married then your ass is single LOL. There is no in between. I laughed at that because what he said was bold and obvious. Soooo don't make someone your world that still hasn't made you a priority because as long as your finger is bare as the day you were born then yo ass is still an OPTION!
He said when you are going to fill out an app for something important and it asks are you....
You NEVAAAAAA see "who do you GO wit?" on the app because "who you GO wit" is NOT important and never will be therefore whether you are a main chick or side chick, if don't got papers on dat...then YOU SINGLE!

Next part: "One and ONLY"
Huh? What? One and who?? People still do that??? LOL! Uhhh yeah!! That's when you know somebody is completely down for you when you SEE that you are their all in all. Notice I typed "SEE" in all caps because talk is cheap and most niggas just be wasting hot air, they look better putting their money where their mouth is so instead of listening to these clowns you better off just LOOKING!

Third Part:
Let me play Devil's Advocate for a second because for such a controversial statement it's necessary. The quote says If you are not his one and only then you don't matter much. I pride myself on being able to look at situations from both sides and step outside the box and I've seen this situation time and time again. Some people would disagree with the third part of the quote because they actually do care about their mate but still step out of the relationship for other reasons. When some people cheat it really has nothing to do with their mate, it's actually something that they themselves are lacking and is in search of that makes them stray. You know exactly what you need and if you are not getting it then you go look else where.

Some men have the perfect woman and still cheat and vice versa. You can't stop a person from infidelity because people gonna do what they want to do. Don't rely on anyone else to keep it real with you...If you are real with yourself then nothing niggas do will shock or stop you.

Is that right? Ya damn right it is

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