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Everyone experiences their own emotional ups and downs and it doesn't make you any weaker or stronger than the next person. I rarely let myself slip to the point of complete sadness but I must admit the last few days have had a sista beat. I tried everything to shake the feeling but I just couldn't. I realize that I'm currently in another transitional period in my life and the outcome of how I handle things is essential for my personal growth.

Just like I stated in my book "If you are not learning from your mistakes/errors then they are most certainly in vain. Life lessons are designed to teach you". Many people think I've arrived at the point of perfection and I literally want to slap them for thinking that some one's life can really be Utopia but nevertheless people tend to live vicariously through others. Let me be the first to say that "I AM NOT PERFECT" and most of my Common Sense teachings are actually "me" reinforcing those principles to "myself". Yep! I am pep talking my damn self. You have to!

Over the last few months I started heavily neglecting the things and the people around me that hold major value in my life. Why? Because I was consumed with self. My focus had shifted to "Me, Me, Me" and I justified those actions by telling myself that "I'm always doing what others want me to do, it's time to do what the fuck I want to do". The results were not favorable. Things started turning upside down around me and I was to blame. For some people it's hard to admit your faults but dammit I don't give a shit! When I'm wrong, I'm wrong!

Over the last 48hours this all began to hit me and I began to feel the emotional affects. I stepped outside myself and saw a person that I didn't recognize. My first thoughts were..."I have to fix this" and now I'm walking around with the "kiss ass face" because I've been acting a complete asshole lately and now I have to soak it all up with humility. It's tough to be humble ya'll especially when you have such a strong personality but again I say, I'm in a transitional period in my life so humility is being instilled within me.

I had to shake this weight from my shoulders and pull myself together. I had to pray and ask God to remove some things from my heart and mind and the moment I called upon him, he delivered. I now feel relieved. Pulling myself together included me pulling off the ragged clothes I had been walking around in, combing out these massive curls I'm currently rocking and throwing myself infront of my vanity table for a full fledged makeover.

The outcome is the pic you see at the top of this article. When you look good you feel good and I feel stronger. I'm smiling again and I'm thankful God saved me before I threw everything I love away. You are looking at a woman in TRANSITION!

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I loved this. It spoke volumes as I've watched a person do this to themselves. Only difference was, it was too late.... It hurt so bad to watch, see the repercussions their actions and to be one of the many ppl that were affected. However, kudos to u for self reflection and taking ur own advise is PRICELESS!!!

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