What Real Love Feels Like

The sound of his voice was like an orchestra playing. The moment he opened his mouth all I could hear was a bass guitar in a beautiful symphony with the keys on the grand piano. Every key stroke was in tuned with the soulful sounds of bongos drums, and the angelic vibe from beautiful wind chimes made every word so pure. He was uncorrupted, he was truthful, his love was untainted.

His soul was composed, hand crafted and designed by God Almighty himself. This angel had fallen from the heavens and landed directly at my feet. As I look at him I see a fearless specimen made of strength, adulterated sexiness, honesty, wit, intelligence, knowledge, loyalty, affection, compassion, sensuality and integrity. He is one of a kind and ready to please me. There was something in his smile that paralyzed me and forced me give him my undivided attention.

His touch felt like 35thousand volts of electricity passing through me at the speed of light. It's powerful force immobilized me. His fingers griped me in ways that  told me that nobody will physically please me like him.

My 5 senses are in tuned to him. His voice is music to my ears, his body is the reason for sight, his touch is numbing, His smell disarmed me instantly and enticed every female organ in me.

This to What Real Love feels Like

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