A drunken tongue

A drunken tongue will always speak a sober mind.

Meaning when you are wasted you suddenly get the boldness to do and say whatever it is that you would have 'normally' thought twice about doing. This is often referred to as the: "drunken truth".

You see it all the time and it's instantly reconizeable. Your first thoughts are "damn that's how she really get's down?" You know damn well people remember all the bad stuff about you before they remember any of the good you've ever done. It's wise to know your drink limit so you don't get caught out there looking and acting foolish. Save the "falling over", the "wild antics" and the "embarrassment" for the privacy of your own home. When you are in public you never know who you are entertaining so always have your poker face on. People talk and words travel fast then before you know it your reputation is being tarnished because you messed up and went over your drink limit. The moral of the story is: Learn how to control yourself before you slip up and reveal the "true you". It's all fun and games until you get caught looking dumb, the end results are almost never favoring when you're yapping with a drunken tongue.

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Good one! I'm ok in public it's TEXTING and the drunken tongue that messes me up from time to time LOL!

The Tongue is the most dangerous weapon.The tongue can form words that can cut deeper then a knife!!You can ethier make some one feel good with your Tongue or hate your freaking guts!

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