Exactly "Who's" Fault is it?

Reverse psychology--nahhh that ain't gonna work. The blame game---ummmm nahhh you can keep that one too! Flipping the script---oldest trick in the book, come better than that.

WHY is it that when you question your mate about some suspect shit on their end of the relationship they get all defensive?
Are they "in their feelings" because they are now having to explain "what it is" from "what it looks like"??
Are they "feeling some type of way" because you apparently are not suppose to be that smart and they are crowned 'Mr Perfectly Honest' and 'Mr can do no wrong' and Who the Hell are YOU to be questioning them!?
Where does this defense mechanism kick in? Well here's some advice fellas: How about you just explain the answer to the question at hand and let your lady decide if she wants to accept your answer. If she needs some time to sort out the meat from the bones then be understanding that it's NOT "her" bullshit it's yours so getting upset is not even an option for you at this time, sorry to rain on your pitty party parade! If you know you have a woman who don't be tripping over stupid stuff then understand that the bitch may have a valid reason for her present line of questioning.

I don't think it's fair for your mate to catch an attitude if you don't believe them! Are we suppose to hang on to their every word??? Only a fool would sit back and not do their due diligence in finding out the truth! Of course you want to trust your mate BUT to believe every little thing that falls from their lips for the sake of love isn't exercising common sense! I mean who's really that brain dead?? Exactly how dumb do some of these men want their ladies? You can't just be a "yes" bitch that agrees and believes it all! When you are dealing with a woman of a high caliber fellas you need to know that you can't be bringing her any ole thing!. You have to know that your shit needs to be all the way LOCKED, SCREWED AND GLUED! A smart women will not fall for the typical okie dokie! UH Hell 2 da Nahhh brother!!

So Men instead of getting defensive just try to understand the compromising situation your lady is faced with and be gentle and patient enough to help her with the facts. Remove yourself from the equation and take a step back to analyze things from her perspective. If it's "not how it looks" then you good, the truth shall set you free. Just remember to keep the attitude at bay because it's not her fault. Answer the question, calm your ass down, Move on and get back to the Love.

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