Man Drama Free

Women will love your ass to the ends of this earth. When we love we love HARD! We are so emotionally in tuned to the one we love. That's our genetic makeup as a be that source for Love. For that reason we are locked into our men. His every word controls our mood. We do this unconsciously. When he's acting up it throws our whole day off. Lawd if he acting a goddamn fool, it throws our whole week off. You can't deny it. Your man is one of the single driving forces behind whether or not you are happy or sad. Some eliminate this problem by staying single, playing the field and avoiding that emotional connection all in an attempt to protect their heart. They want to be Man Drama Free.

Newsflash...You can certainly be in a relationship and be Man Drama Free. Grant it-- everyday is not going to be happy go lucky, dancing in the rain with wet kisses and warm hugs. Nahhh it's not always gonna be like the lyrics to a Love song. Sometimes you are going to go through tough times but what's important for your happiness is that those sunny days out way the storms. Your pros should out way your cons. You should be able to count 8 great days out of 10. If he's not giving you his best then don't settle for less. If he's giving you the bottom of the barrel bullshit then it's time for you to split. If he's half assing you and your needs then Bitch please...why the hell are you entertaining foolishness? You need to be Man Drama Free.

Set yourself up to be an asset not a liability. If you decide to eliminate Man Drama then he should most definitely feel the loss more than you. Make his ass think twice before bringing bullshit your way. When was the last time you have been truly satisfied??? Find you someone that's qualified! Get with someone who is going to continously make you smile:)
If you are not getting all you need...honey it's time to set yourself Free

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