the mirror

Am I a bitch cuz bullshit makes my skin itch?
Am I resistant cuz we can't agree to disagree and I refuse to listen?
Am I self destructive because I'm impulsive?
Am I clinically crazy cuz my mind is not in bondage and i prefer to take risks with ideas that look explosive?
Am I suppose to stop living because I had 2kids?
Am I a monster because my tolerance for ignorance is nonexistent??
Am I over exerting myself because my drive is persistent?
Am I out of touch because I don't dwell on my faults?
Am I not cautious because I chose to gamble at any cost?
Am I high sididdy because my representation of Royal is what I truly stand for?
Am I in competition because I refuse to be dependent and I simply wanna even the score?
Do I practice what I preach because a lot of what I teach is me really... talking to myself?
Am I prideful because I can't admit when I need help?
Am I to blame for your fortuneless fame?
Am I at fault because the truth caused us so much pain?
Am I a hypocrite because I empower the black mind to be "better" when I'm not "perfect"?
Am I suppose to be transparent because its more to me than what u see on the surface?
Am I inconsiderate because I don't give a fuck about others opinion of me?
Am I cocky because my confidence is what encourages me to over achieve?
Am I suppose to be defeated and give up my dreams because u fail to believe?
As I look n this mirror I see "ME" now u tell me, Who da hell Am I Suppose to Be???

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