Queen Sheba (Passion Story)

I was jogging past as he was walking down his driveway preparing to give his Queen a kiss, they were my neighbors and had a nice little family, but I could tell ole boy had his eyes on me since I moved into this cute little Cul de Sac. It’s a nice cool spring day in the city and I had to start my day off right with an early morning jog as usual. These sweat pants where fitting my phat ass so right and the half shirt I was running in, showed off my washboard stomach which didn’t calm down all this sexiness one bit. Sweat beads were pouring down my 6pack and my ass bounced with every step I took. My hair was pulled back in a long ponytail and yes the MAC makeup was beat to perfection. A bitch was bad! OK! And I knew it!

Who the hell wears makeup to jog? I do! Don’t judge me nor get me wrong…although the skin was flawless without an ounce of foundation, the makeup I sported sealed the deal and locked me into the Badd bish bracket while these other jogging hoes just did what they did best---LOOK BASIC.

Anyway off me and back to Mr. Audi. That’s what I called him because the new Audi he drove gave him a hint of class and substance, there was nothing regular about this Idris Elba look like and I was hella intrigued. As his wife back out the driveway in her X5 BMW truck, she rolled the window down and gave him the weakest kiss I’ve ever seen in all of my damn days, I giggled at the gesture…she just didn’t know any better. If that had have been ME, I would have tongued that fine ass specimen down whether I wanted to or NOT, especially when you see another fine bitch jogging down the street looking fit, ready and right! He stood there, watched and waited until she was down the street and out of sight then put his brief case in the passenger side of his Audi. That’s when I made my move.

“Ahhhhh oh shittt ahhhhhh” I screamed as intentionally fell off the curb.

Like the blueprint in my master plan his ass ran right over to me. It took all of me not to laugh. Men are so predictable. I had no underwear on and when I fell a sneak peek of the crack of my ass beamed out from these pants. When I looked up all I saw was him trying hard to avoid what was in plain view. I was tickled pink.

“OMG I’m so embarrassed” I said in the saddest, fakest tone.

“Hell no, don’t be, are you ok? Let me go get some ice for that ankle, it looks like it may be swelling” he replied in a very caring concerned tone. His voice was that of the heaviest nectar from the sweetest honeycomb and I was the Queen Bee.

“No I’m ok, I’m only next door to you so I’ll make it”…I said with the intention of letting him know where I lived. My whole purpose was to get him to notice me, that‘s all I wanted…mother nature would do the rest because I was irresistible.

Now one may think I was a no good bitch for enticing this married man but the white bitch is was married to didn’t deserve all this Nubian fineness and I had to bring that ass back home to where his roots should’ve been planted. Why the hell do all the Beckys get all the good successful brothers? I was jealous and perplexed but determined to show him that the only reason why he picked miss pale toe was because he never met me, my birth name was Queen Sheba.

Queen Sheba in ancient times was an Ethiopian goddess and a monarch of the ancient kingdom. There was no limit to her Love and sexual attraction and she reigned in royalty and riches, my mother named me after her. I took pride in the origin of my name and I lived up to it.

He helped me up off the ground. “U need an assistant running run here with all that junk in your trunk”. He caught me completely off guard with that shit.

“What!” I said with an attitude, I had to play it off but apparently he saw right through my glass ass.

“Girl you been running past here every morning and if you don’t think men are watching then you might as well be jogging with a blindfold on, you know what you doing” he said while smiling.

Ok now this nigga slick because now my plan is fully screwed, he’s smarter than I thought. I need some time to tackle this from a different angle.

“Damn can a sista keep up her fit frame while jogging in her own neighborhood? Since when did that become an invitation”…I responded trying not to be as obvious as the look on my face was giving away.

“yeah aiight”..just be careful. He laughed and turned back towards his car.

I forgot all about my ankle and walked back to my condo in a very natural stride. A million thoughts were going through my head when he interrupted with his final comment.

“take care of that ankle”, he winked and drove away.

I had to laugh at myself for my failed attempt at seduction. I still got his attention though so I guess half of my master plan was a success. I decided to take a “me day” off work and chill home. I had some much needed work I needed to complete for my home based business anyway. I flopped down on my sofa and turned on “the View” and before I knew it I had dozed off...
A knock at my door startled me, I jumped looking crazy like a war vet having Vietnam flashbacks. I looked at my watch before glazing out my window. Where did the time go? It was well into the afternoon but what really through me for a loop was what I saw when I looked out my window. Mr. Audi. I jumped up so damn fast and ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth in an attempt to rid myself of this nap breath. When I was satisfied I dodged back to the front foyer, took a few seconds to calm down then I opened the door.

All I could do was think “God dayum”. This nigga was the definition of fine.

I opened my glass door and just let him walk in. I couldn’t even find the right words to say as I just stared at him. My mouth couldn’t speak if I wanted it to.

He broke the spell on me when he said “I didn’t know how bad that ankle was so I brought over these bandages and some icy hot for the swelling”.

I was flattered but that’s not the real reason he came over so let’s cut the bullshit. Boldness finally crept up on me.

“What’s your name Mr. Audi? Wait on second thought It don’t even mat”…before I could even utter the last words he leaned in and stole a passionate kiss.

Ok maybe he was a little bolder than me. Damn how many times is he gonna out do me n shit?! I may have bitten off a little more than I could chew with this fool. The hell with the regrets now, he’s all over me and my C Cup breasts were in his mouth. His lips on my areolas quickly took the place of the irrelevant thoughts I was having. Pure Lust was all that was over me. When I looked into his face, this amazing feeling submerged me, can’t nobody tell me nothing. I can’t tell you how long I have been wishing for this. They were supposed to be my thoughts but I messed around and mouthed the words, I was caught up in the moment. He simply smiled as he pulled my jogs down with his teeth.
Was this bitch seducing ‘ME’? This nigga completely flipped the script on me. I felt the need to object and regroup but he left no time for any of that as he buried his face deep inside my pussy. He was literally emerged inside my vaginal walls. The tongue game was ridiculous. He was eating me like he had an overdue sweet tooth for something thick, soft, creamy and chocolate. I was gonna give him an overdose of his guilty pleasure today. I was giving up every finger licking ounce of me. I dropped it down low for him and spread my legs like the beautiful wings of a bald eagle. In fact that’s the immaculate sight he was greeted with as I held my legs back with my hands. My pussy was as bare as the day I was born and he lick me from head to toe. I was gassed up and my pedal was to the floor, I was ready to ride. He brought me to a full mountainous orgasm before I climbed on top of Mount Everest. He was well endowed, I was NOT disappointed.
Right here on the lower stair of my foyer is where I mounted him. I looked so deep into his eyes as I whined my hips back and forth on top of his dick. This thing between us had nothing to do with emotions, it was all physical. I knew he couldn’t give me ‘all’ his love, all I needed was a little. I turned this phat ass right around on his manhood without missing a stroke. As he sat on the step I got on all fours. Since he was already sitting it wasn’t hard for me to find some leverage on the last step beneath us. My toned legs straddled his. His legs were positioned closely together and my legs were spread on the outside of his, my hands were on the floor so my ass was up higher than the rest of my body. He had full access to my freaky parts as he began to pound my pussy out. He had to use his hands to lift up a little as he dug me out with force. We both screamed in pleasure. I didn’t have to instruct him to do a damn thing; Mr. Audi was already nsync with my body. After he tore me up from the inside out he tongued fucked the devil out my ass hole and made me cum all over again. He gave me full pleasure. Right before he let loose his man-naise, I heard my door bell ring again.
I jumped up and opened my eyes! WTF! Where is Mr. Audi? How the hell I end up back on this couch? What am I doing completely dressed? I instantly realized that I hadn’t left this comfy spot on my couch at all because Barbara Walters was still bumping her gums talking and “The View” was still on. Everything I just experienced was all a dream. I had to laugh at myself because if a bitch was gonna dream that’s damn sure the way to get it in. Damn!

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