My Inspiration

I'm inspired by Music---Music is powerful. It can set the tone for whatever mood I'm in. Music can alter your thoughts. Some people say that it can make people do things against their will. Now that's non-sense. Music has never took my hand out my pocket and brought it across someones face. It's powerful but not that powerful lol. I'm inspired by it though. The creativity and soulfulness in it moves me deeply. The sweetest sounds make me close my eyes and I truly feel the message that is being delivered. I have a habit of playing music when I write. It's like my mind and fingers are in a beautiful symphony. I'm inspired by the voices especially when an artist sings from their soul, you definitely notice. A different swagg in thrown on top of the lyrics. The words have been undoubtedly lived out before. I'm inspired by the instruments. The sounds are hypnotic. It's something like a seeing a snake charmer enticing a cobra to dance to mesmerizing tunes. Music is Inspiration.

I'm inspired by Success---Success People are abnormal. Abnormal because there is only a small percentage of the global population that have achieved that status. Only a small portion have reached a level where everything this world has to offer is at their disposal. They can change the climate and be on another side of the globe upon their demand. They have seen the most precious and rare jewels and these same jewels have adorned their bodies. They have walked the whitest sands on the most secluded beaches in the world. The have felt the warmth from the bluest waters on the most gorgeous islands. They have frequented the wonders of the world and have touched the earthly treasures that we merely watch from afar on TV. They have felt the difference between "living and existing". This life has not been in vain for the Successful. I'm inspired by them.

I'm inspired by Happiness---In my 28 years I have learned that Happiness is rare. It's unfortunate that many don't know the true meaning of this raw emotion. Can money buy happiness? I don't think so.
Some women say "if a man has enough money..I don't have to love his ass, I'll just learn to be happy".
My answer to that is "Damn, why would you short hand yourself for a dollar?"
Make your own damn money and you won't have to worry about that. Happiness comes from deep within. It's a mixture of being grateful, appreciative, thankful, loved, and fulfilled. A lot of people are not happy in general because they are not happy with themselves. You are damn sure not going to be happy for/with someone if you haven't learned how to be content with yourself.

I'm inspired by the Power in Sexuality---There's an Art to being sexy. Some are very in tuned to it. It feels so good being "All Woman". I'm thankful that I'm completely comfortable in my own skin. I'm not self-conscience about my body because I'm taking care of it by what I eat and my workout routine keeps me feeling in shape and healthy. I like what I see on the outside and my diet is supporting me internally,so it's easy to be sexy. Its also very fun. I don't need a drug or a drink to tune in to my "sexy", it's natural. When I feel Sexy from head to toe it's because my mind and body are intertwined. Your mind is the driving force behind it! In fact "Sexy" is a "state of mind" I'm inspired by it's Power.

I'm inspired by Confidence---Confidence is attractive to me. Confidence creates an aura around you that can't be ignored nor can it be overlooked. Don't confuse it with being "cocky" though. "Cockiness" has some negative associations with it. When you feel confident and you step into a room it doesn't matter who else is in that room, you feel like you are the center of it, you embrace it and it feels good. You are able to look people eye to eye without flinching or looking away. Everything in you is strong and unmoved.

I'm inspired by Humbleness---A person who can have a pure, gentle and welcoming heart at the height of their success and remain Humble is an individual I admire. Humbleness can't be faked! I can see through pretenders. Some people will quickly forget where they came from, not understanding that as quick as they got there-God can quickly snatch them back. I had to learn this lesson. When you are doing good and you began to get the "big head", some call it acting "Hollywood" then life lessons have their ways of showing you that you are one mistake away from being back in the land of "lack". Remain grateful and humble, communicate with and appreciate those that got you in the position you are in! Make sure you constantly tell them that. I'm inspired by Humble Hearts

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