It feels so good to be in Love. Love is the strongest emotion known to man. The only people that don't want to hear about Love is the people who can't find it to save their life. Nevertheless let Mz. Vee paint this "Lovely" picture for you...

Being in Loves feel like your heart is skipping every other beat. The feeling in the pit of your stomach feels like the sensation of "falling" that's where the phrase "falling in Love" comes from. When you are in Love is so hard to see anything else around you. The only thing that matters is "that one" that has your heart. Every cell in your body moves to the beat of a song that only you two can hear. It's so powerful. You can literally hear fireworks when your lover is in your presence. It's not hard to get lost inside their eyes and drift off into another place. The best part about this is both of you are lost in this "place" together. It's like a dream, everything that is good in this world is present.
Everytime you close your eyes you see reflections of them, you can hear the sweet sounds of their voice, you can feel the warmth from their breath on your skin, you can smell their natural scent even if they are hundreds of miles away. These are feelings that you want to last forever. This is the Land of Bliss. The Land of Love. It feels sooooo Good.

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