Dont Let People Do you Wrong!! Take a STAND!

Point blank, simple, PERIOD!!!

How dare someone think that they can just walk all over you!! The nerve of n*ggas!
People will only do what you allow. If you do not take a stand for "who you are" and "your self value" then don't expect anyone else to.
If you deserve Respect then COMMAND IT!
Do NOT let a living soul do you wrong!
Don't settle for someone who feels the need to treat you any kind of way.
Don't allow a person to bad mouth you and tear you down----YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

How dare someone mistreat you and disregard your feelings????
Who the hell are they???
Don't spare the feelings of a person who will NOT think twice about sparing yours!! Once again----YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!

If your man/girl don't appreciate you---Tell them "Kick Rocks with NO Socks on!" In other words GOODBYE!! How many fish are there swimming in the sea??? Exactly!! God didn't stop at one so if your mate can't get with the program....DEUCES!!

If your Boss don't appreciate you---tell that job to go straight to Hell because just like you got that one, you will get another one. There's nothing worse than being in the same building day in and day out with someone that you despise! If you are a Top Notch employee and your boss is an ASS...don't even stick around! Put Plan B into action and prepare to take your skills where they will be a bit more appreciated!

If your Friends don't appreciate you---Tell them "don't let the door knob hit them where the Good Lord split them" their ass the door! Associates come a dime a dozen! You were born alone and you will die alone! Sometimes friends can be a distraction anyway! Let God send you the people that are suppose to be in your circle and allow him to remove the people that are in the damn way!!
Point Blank, Simple, Period!!!

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