Vday with your Mate

Ohhhh the language of love is pure, inviting and desired. Everyone loves that initial feeling of heat and passion! Some people are blessed to be able to hold on to this feeling for a lifetime.

What are the secrets?

the language of love should be celebrated often, not just on Valentine's Day once a year. People go all out for each other on this special day and that's fine and dandy but imagine if your mate did this a few times a month, every month! Whewww Lawd, everything would be so Blissfully Joyful! You would be walking on clouds, head in the sky, happy go lucky with not a care in the world!

Celebrate Vday Often! Showcase your love to one another every moment you get the opportunity!! Do things out of the ordinary!!
Intimate evenings. Romanatic dinners. Unexpected tokens of appreciation and constant reminders of Love is always a way to keep the fire burning.
Take trips with one another. Get away from the kids. Get away from the norm. Figure out what works for you and fall in love over and over again. Women love when they can brag to their girlfriends or flaunt their love in front of co-workers so get your man to realize that public affection is a plus. Hint around, sending flowers or edible arrangements to the job. Pop up and bring your mate some lunch sometimes or better yet take them to lunch unexpectedly!

Whatever you do just keep the 'mystery' between one another. Nothing is more worrisome than someone knowing your every move. Have your own life outside of your mate. Don't lose yourself in your man because things may get real 'bland' afterthat. Mystery is always good.

The worst thing you can do is waste money on V-day! Don't you dare do it! That's ignorance at it's finest!
Don't go out there buying up a bunch of stuff that nobody can use and it end up being a decoration that holds no value! Oh hells nawh!!! Don't go out here buying cuddly stuffed animals and you over 25years old!...
Who wants a damn bear?!!
You just gonna give it to your kids anyway! Something memorable, edible or tangible is always a plus!!

Affection is required to keep passion brewing in your relationship!! Don't be afraid to step outside the box! No one wants to be with Mother Teresa so don't be acting all extra "holy" when it comes to pleasing your man! What you won't do the next woman will!
Hopefully your man is paying enough attention to you to know what you need, in return.

Be thoughtful when choosing tangible items or gifts for your mate. Stay away from the norm! Be memorable! I can't stress that enough.
Hell, a few extra bills paid for V-day ain't never hurt nobody ody ody, we all grown here! Aint nothing going on but the rent LOL!! Women like the security of knowing she is taken care of.

At the end of the day, create your own rules and remember to have fun with one another. Don't fall into a routine way of doing things. Remember to keep the fire burning and celebrate V-day everyday!

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Awesome stuff!

Crystal Vasquez-Williams

Yesss! so on point! me and my boyfriend did our Vday on a budget and creative and we had sooo much fun! it also shows you how well your partner knows you...anyone can just go drop tons of money on the average things in the mall but thoughtful gifts are the best. I found us a couples "ACro sutra" class...kind of like karma sutra but you have to do different positions that build trust and kind of acrobatic. we had so much fun and it was a way to bond and do something different than just dinner at a OVERLY packed restaurant and the plus was the place served food too!

Google is the best place to go to find fun things to do with your mate, not just on Vday but like you said all throughout the year.

"Vee u be killen em" LOL

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