Too Much to do in Too Little Time

Wheewwwwwww Lawd!!! Do you ever just feel overworked and underpaid?? Is there ever a time when the tasks at hand feel so overwhelming and you haven't even started them yet??
Just the mere thought of them makes you feel a bit stressed, this is NOT a good way to be guys....oh no no!!

You have to instantly remove all distractions and go into a quiet place in your mind. Get into a zone where your mind is at ease. This is where you can set the tone for how you want to feel. Put your favorite song on, something that makes you smile. Music can definitely alter our mood. When I need to focus and get things done, I always find my favorite jams and BLAST THEM!

When I'm tackling all my business tasks and important personal matters, I go into my home office, seclude myself away from everything and everybody, put my headphones on and start jamming before I start any assignment. It's important to create a "happy space".

Next, "ain't nothing to it-but to do it". If you never get started you are never going to finish, simple as that! I even got to hype myself up to get sh*t done sometimes LOL. Yep I'm thinking about hiring a retired HIP HOP Hypeman so they can get me crunk before I start working LOL. No, but seriously organize your tasks from MOst Important to-things that can wait. Work your way through your pile from there!!!
Before you know it, you will be done!!!

Now let's get to it!!!

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girl girl don't know how much i needed this one today!! i am feeling soooo overwhelmed, not so much work stuff but personal things! i sometimes wait until the last minute, procrastinate and just BS around and then i have to do everything at crunch time. I swear my head feel like it's about to pop off! but i am going to take your tips...i have my headphones on now. i just keep telling myself things will pay off in the end. Woooosaaahhhhh!

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