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Ok. So I been getting a lot of feedback, Tweets and FB inbox messages from the Fellaz. Men are stepping up and would like me to address the fact that a lot of chicks resumes (penis count) is WHY they are single. Oh lawdddiee!! Oh geesh!! Let me address this because this is too true.

When you have a reputation of being passed around town then do you expect guys to take you serious? You maybe single because of your raggedy sexual past.

We all know we live in a double standard society and the way the man "sex count" is viewed, as opposed to a woman's is completely different. Men can sleep with 100 women and no one is going to look down on them. How many sexual encounters is "too many" for a woman? Does this depend on age? Is 10 too many for a woman 30 years of age? Or does it depend on "who" she has had sex with? For instance if a nice lady sleeps with ONLY 3 guys and gave it up to them quickly and these 3 guys are known around town as low down dirty trifling this too much? Is she considered a hoe? Remember she only slept with 3 guys but she let them hit it quickly.
So many different variables can throw a woman into the "hoe" category.

When that happens some men won't take you serious because they can't be seen with you. So many dudes have had you and they all still talk about you. It's unfortunate because you could have changed from your liberal, immature and promiscuous ways but your "resume" is still how people will view you.

Another thing that women will do is hide our true count. Only we know how many dudes done really had us and we almost never tell that real number. It's funny because some women will train their minds to omit a few men because of little things like drunken nights, miscellaneous niggs, quick mistakes and no nut nights. Yeah I said it! When a man fails to make you climax, some women don't count that as a sexual encounter, it was more like a waste of time.
Some women just don't want to truly remember so we store it DEEP in the back of our cerebellums. The fact that you don't want to acknowledge your resume don't change the fact that you may have been a little generous with your goodies.

It's tough trying to find a good man out here so close your legs ladies and don't be so quick to let men in because somebody is keeping count.

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