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Ladies are getting sick and tired of fellaz being lazy when it comes to the approach. Now let's set the stage. I'm not talking about women with no standards, you can approach them anyway you see fit lol. There are so many different types of women but I'm referring to classy ladies of value. A woman that has wifey potential. A woman that has accomplished some notable things in her life. A women who's future looks illuminating. A woman that will compliment what you have going on in your life.

Now take noticed in what I just said Fellaz, the first thing that's important GOT to have something going on in your life!!! Don't even bother to approach a real woman and you don't have one damn thing worth noticing about you. Sending texts, BBMs, late night calls, and messages via social sites is NOT a way to stand out in her eyes and get noticed. I refuse to believe that men have forgotten how to properly court a woman.

Secondly...Before you approach her how about doing your research on her. Ask around, see what she's about. Get interested in what she has going on. Even if you're not the least bit interested, you better act like it and have something to talk about lol. If she's sales art you need to do research on what types of art she's interested in. If she's a singer you need to get to acquainted with her songs and know the words to a few. Quote a few lines to impress her. If she's a makeup artist get familiar with her masterpieces and be interested in her craft. If she's a writer and you haven't the least bit read none of her articles or taken a look at her site to find out things about her how the HELL do you expect to get her attention?
That goes right into my next tip.

Thirdly you need do things to set yourself aside from the crowd. Sending flowers or chocolates will never get old. Sending something to a woman's job is a great way for her to sh*t on her co-workers and brag lol. Women love it. You can even get creative and send both, yes both. Edible arrangements is a fruit/chocolate flower-like setting that she can and will enjoy. You will definitely make your mark.

Next you need to have a game plan. When you have her undivided attention, What now? Don't say nothing corny, be genuine. Be smooth as hell lol. Ask her on a date and take her somewhere nice, secluded and intimate. Set the stage. If you can call and make prior arrangements in the restaurant for them to know her name and present her with something...damn anything lol...some exclusive wine or something that will have her wheels turning. Tell them to act like she is royalty and have a nice set up for her. Have some good conversation and revist the second tip in this article. Make her laugh. Women love a man with a sense of humor.

After that, I pray that you don't get the draws lol. If you get the draws you mistakenly confused a lady with a bucket head heifer. Ain't nothing wrong with turning down the draws either fellaz. It will show her you ain't about her body, you want to get inside her mind first. If you get inside her mind, you got her for life.

This is a start....happy hunting LOL. Now go Court ya Lady.

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I love this!!! The third tip is so important because many of them blow it here while they are trying to be frugal and cut cost. 'Secluded and intimate' was so well said V, because if you're going to take me to a music concert on our first date you have totally blown the opportunity of getting to know me. Courting in and of itself is intimate and personal and it's a great way for two people to connect. Panties dropping too early would clearly indicate that the people involved are rushing. What's the rush? If this person can potentially be in it for the long haul with you then there's absolutely no reason to rush.

Everything will fall into place eventually and small subtle acts of affection can show so much more than the physical act of making love. Making love too prematurely doesn't create a deeper connection it actually creates a deeper disconnect. The two spirtual beings need to be ready mentally before that step of connection can take place. Enjoy the journey of courtship with the right person, and let the vibe lead the two of you to the next level when it's time. Fellas stop half-steppin on ladies that you know are one in a million.

Much Luv

Good one! Thirsty women have made men lazy...they accept any and everything a man will give, even if it's a dinner date at Fridays LOL Not to say it's about the amount of money that is spent but the thought that is put into it!

We also have to allow a guy to court us, at times women can become anxious and so quick to just invite men to their homes that even if a guy had the intentions of courting her she just takes things way left field. I'm a sucker for a romantic night out even if it's just us walking around downtown after dinner, we are getting to know one another because we are talking and vibing. But consistency is the key...doing something nice one time is not enough lol

Keep the articles coming! LOVE THEM!

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