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Coming up on the 25th of this month, Rihanna will have a new fragrance on the market called Reb'l Fleur. I definitely have to try this because I'm a big fan of Rihanna's fashion, style and music. She's just a fun character so I'm sure the perfume won't disappoint. I can't wait for the marketing campaign either because I know she's gonna bring it and floor us with the fashion inspirations! Oh na na What's my Name!

Now this blew my mind. This 12carat-yellow diamond ring was lost on a skiing trip in Denver, Colorado. A stranger finds it in the airport and It was so big and flashy he thought it was costume jewelry. He discovers it was real, tracks down the owner, returns it and get this.....He wanted NOTHING in return. Wow! What!! You know these had to be white people because I don't know one sista that would have gave up this big lemon head ring and I don't know one brother who wouldn't have pawned or sold it lol. I'm glad it was returned because if it were mine I would have been sick. I probably would never get over losing a ring of this value.

Sean P. Diddy Combs is diddy bopping all around the deck of the $850,000 yacht. It's the first of it's kind to be controlled by an iPad. *blank stare* Ok I'm hating. At least he won't cruising and joy sailing with some scally wag, he was enjoying this new high tech boat with Kim Porter and his baby girl twins. Awwww them on again off again suckas just need to get married. Anyhow, if anybody is gonna stunt like this, I guess it might as well be the Bad Boy himself now Take that, Take that.

I hope you enjoyed what's new in the News!

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