Understand what u r Working With

You got to Understand what you are working with.

Either you have little boy or a grown ass man. Don't get the two confused. Don't be fool by the pretenders. Don't be tricked by the wanna be's. Either you messing with a real man or your caught up in a young boy.

Now it's important to know the difference because they are going to give you two different types of experiences.
A young minded man is going to act as such. Don't expect to be wined and dined, and loved and rubbed. He don't know the first thing about how to please a woman and he probably don't care. A little boy man (LOL), is pretty much all for himself and although he may care about you, he ultimately cares more about himself. Everything is about him and what he wants. He can do whatever with whomever, whenever he feels like it. He's immature and I'm not saying that in a bad way, I'm saying that he hasn't been through enough as a "man" yet to truly understand how to love and appreciate a woman. You can't even get mad at a man who is still running the streets, freakin in everybody else's sheets, not mentality ready to settle down and be in a commit ed relationship when he's mentally a YOUNG BOY!!
He may not say "baby I'm not ready to be monogamous" so it's your job to protect your heart and recognize the signs. Don't get mad, You just need to make better choices about 'who' you getting caught up in. You can't make a man surrender. Don't think for a second you can change someone who is not ready for change. Don't think for a second that you are dripping platinum urine out your p**** and he ain't going to want nothing else if you are dealing with a youngin. Majority of them are NOT going to man up until they are finished sewing their wild oats.

Now don't get it twisted. When I say "youngin", I'm not talking about age. I'm referring to mentality. When you are in the presence of a grown ass man.....whewwwww chile, TRUST ME u will see the difference. That brother is going to show you things that you ain't never experienced before and emotionally feed your soul. He's going to appreciate every follicle in your head down to the hairs on the top of your toes. He's is going to please you in more ways than you can even think of and show you love your heart has never felt. You can learn something from a real man. You can build something with a real man. You can grow together and better each other. He ain't going to be on no bullshit because he's going to keep it straight 100%. He's not going to be about any games because he done been there and done that. You will be his Queen and he will show you exactly how that feels and what that means. You will have some awesome unforgettable moments with a bondafide MAN.

You better know and understand what you are working with.

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