Listen to your Gut

Always Listen to your gut.

Women were born with this little thing called intuition. As you mature you have to learn how to tap into it and listen to it. It's your best kept secret. I like to call it your "embedded common sense" lol. I say that because when your brain is not thinking and your heart is caught up, your intuition is still hard at work. Deep down inside something is still telling you to "watch out".

When it relates to relationships, the smartest thing for you to do is to roll with your instincts. If your gut is saying "he sneaky, he cheating, he lying, he a playboy" then its probably true. Men will show signs and if you don't take notice of those signs then you are setting yourself up for some bullshit. You got to know when to back away. You got to know when to run in the other direction. You got to know when to hang those feelings up and say "peace out". Women we love hard and that's why we always end up with the bad end of the stick.

Sometimes when you are truly wrapped up in a man and something doesn't feel kosher with him, you'll get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. That feeling is your intuition.

I'm blessed to be in a completely happy marriage and for the most part it has always been a pretty smooth ride between us which is rare now a days. OH BUT trust me I've had my share of bullsh*t niggas. It was the Bullshiters that made me appreciate the jewel I have now in a man. I don't regret much in my life because it made me who I am today and every fella who was NOT what I needed in life showed me what I needed to pray for in a man. So sometimes your situation is preparation for what's yet to come.

Let your experiences teach you. If your not learning then some of the bull you encounter is in vain. At least if you have one dumb experience but SMART enough to NOT have another LOL. It's ok, we get caught up sometimes but when you learn to listen to those Gut feelings you'll save yourself some heartache and be more happier in the long run.

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this was so good! i usually listen to my gut instinct but I am an over analyzer at times so sometimes I don't know when to separate the two. I'm working on it though :-)) But like you say when you do listen to it, in the beginning it's like damn did I make the right decision then something happens later on that makes you say THANK YOU LORD I MADE IT OUT OF THAT ONE! lol

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