2011 New in the news!

New Year...New Entertaining News!

Vivica Fox gets Engaged over the Holidays to a 27yr old ATL Club Promotor. Oww owww You better get your groove back girl!! Im happy for her. He's fine and the ring is quite nice as well. Of course you are going to have your haters and nah-sayers but my take is....If you're happy then that's all that matters.

Christina Milian says her marriage to "the Dream" was Hell! Well got damn! She has been really going innnnnn on dude because of his alleged infidelity, before their divorce. I hope she can heal and move on. They have a beautiful baby together now and the joys of motherhood should give her some sense of peace and happiness. Hopefully

Justin Bieber...little Mr. Michael Jackson is what I like to call him. I call him that because of his status at such a young age. He has the most followers on twitter (6million+) and is second behind Lady GaGa on Facebook. He says he sometimes suffers from Insomia. Oh lawd!! Not insomia. That's torture. Justin I hope that you can find some balance because this is serious.

Toni Braxton is getting her own reality show this year. Oh how we love reality TV. This should be interesting. I know I will be tuned in. She filed for bankruptcy last year and I hope this new venture can accumulate some revenue for Ms. Braxton. Congrats to her.

OK readers this is whats new in the News!!! You know I'll keep ya'll up to date!! Toddles!!

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you know what I love about your "vee news" you were positive with all four stories sis nothing negative or bad to say about any of them like ive been reading and hearing...keep that positive flow going i love it!

Mo Diamond

thanks Mo!! Just being me, not time for negative mess ya know:)

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