Jealousy is the Ugliest Trait

Jealousy is a ugly ugly trait. Do you know how silly you look when you're envious of another person. Something maybe wrong mentality if can't get your emotions in check. The most ignorant thing you can do is speak on someone or something you don't know nothing about. It's amazing how people hate some of the most successful people such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and even Oprah just to name a few. Again I you know how dumb you look hating on Success? Pretty damn silly. Hence the reason why you are not progressing the way you want because you're taking too much time and energy watching the next man.

People become jealous over your Success. Success comes from hard work and determination and soooo many people have no clue how how to even do that! Damn, you don't even have to pay for hard work and determination but people mad because you pratice it?! WHAT?! HAHAHA!! FOOLISHNESS!!
Some get jealous over the way you look. Now how ignorant is that? How are you going to hate on an attractive person better get mad with the maker because we have absolutely no control over that, geesh get it together!
People don't like you because you are living the life THEY WISH they could live. To that I say...this is an equal opportunity world and it's wild open for you to have whatever you like! Stop the Jealousy, put time into yourself and you'll have more of a chance to live the life you desire so bad.
People despise you because your career driven and focused. They even hate you because they secretly hate themselves.

Ladies and Gentleman the moral of the story is...if you're minding your own business, you don't have time to be dipping into the lives of others. Keep your ignorance to yourself because it makes you look like a complete idiot! Jealousy is the Ugliest Trait my darlings!

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This was a really good post!! Jealousy is all over now especially with these social networking sites...people spend their entire days making themselves mad snooping into everyone else's lives. Grant it, some people STUNT really hard lol but you shouldn't have that much time on your hands if you're working towards your goals. We all get caught up in gossip from time to time but I said I will NOT consume myself any longer. The more you apply yourself the happier you become for others doing their thing!

I don't understand how people can hate on success, like you said Oprah, Bey ect. I'm the type to STUDY those people because whatever they are doing is working lol As you will see on my blog I floooood my blog with vids of Jay Z, Will Smith ect they have it together and they didn't always have their shit together so what makes me any different?? Thx for the post!

thanks so much for your support and feedback:)

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