Do it for the Nay-Sayers!

It blows me how people really don't want you to succeed. People would really rather see you fail and make a fool of yourself so they can feel better. I once heard a wise man say...

"Don't tell people your problems because 80% don't care and the other 20% are glad its you!"

Whewww!! That blew me! What?! Are people really that selfish?
I consider myself blessed because since I was young I ALWAYS had a heart for people. When I would ride down the street in a relatives car and see an old lady standing and freezing at a bus stop my heart went out to her and I would tell myself "when I get a car I'm going to give old ladys like that a ride". Those were my thoughts as a young girl. Those were my thoughts because I knew first hand how it felt to freeze your ass off at a bus stop. My mother for as long I can remember didn't have a car so I understood the struggle. When you can relate to people, your heart goes out to them.

My strength comes from my struggles. I refuse to look down on people because of the materials things they don't have. I refuse to hate on the next man and try to pull him down. The time I'm wasting doing that, I could have put towards fullfilling my own dreams. Today I challenge you to pull from the hurt and pain of your past and use that to fuel your desire for Success. Do it for the Nay-Sayers! For all the people who said you wasn't gonna be shit, for all that don't believe in you and laugh and taunt you for being different, for all the people who depise you and would love nothing more than for you to FAIL, you GOT to focus and strive for Greatness to show them that you are MORE on your worst day than they will ever be on their BEST day! If nothing else fuels your fire, show the non-believers that their dumb ass ways of thinking will NEVER validate who you are.

Do it for the Nay-Sayers!

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once again great read vee...i look forward and love reading your add to this with hurt and pain comes GROWTH believe that I am a living witness to it.

Mo Diamond

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