Laugh it Off

Nothing is more therapeutic than a gutt wrenching Laugh. A LOL. A hardy ha ha ha. A tear dropping, soul shattering WAAB ignant Chuckle.

Laughter is good for the soul, it's a worldwide expression and it feels great. Everybody loves to laugh and sometimes you just have to laugh sh*t off to get through your day. Sometimes ain't a damn thing funny but a laugh is so needed.

In awkward moments I laugh. When I'm nervous I laugh to mask my rattled emotions. When I'm mad, I laugh and I especially do it in the face of the person I'm mad at LOL.
Sometimes when you laugh people are laughing with you. Sometimes their laughing at you and sometimes they are looking at you like you crazy because their confused on exactly what the hell you're laughing at LOL.

Whatever the case, learn to Laugh it OFF. Life is sooo much easier when you learn not to take everything so serious. There's not a reason in the world why you should wake up mad and upset with the world when God took time to breathe breath in your raggly ass lungs LOL. I will never understand why people are so evil when you have the gift of LIFE in your body. Life is grand just learn to be happy and start it off right now with a laugh.
Some people just want to be mad for no reason but remember "you have what you say" so when someone ask you "how are you", reply with "excellent as always" because there's power in words! Words influence your thoughts and your thoughts turn into actions and actions become your Reality.

Speak LIFE and Laugh sh*t OFF!!

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LOL at the breath in ur raggedy ass lungs !!! love it V I def got my laugh this morning on twitter ... {*goodstuff*}


YESSSSS I love it sis...lmaoo at raggedy ass lungs im weak from lol...this was refreshing..

Mo Diamond

Too funny! My friends will tell you I'm always laughing at definitely makes things a lot easier to deal with.

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