He's Worthy of your Praise!

Question: Are U Ashamed to praise God?

I don't see God being acknowledged like he should be and truth be told, I'm guilty of doing this for so many years. Sometime you have to tell your "mess" so that someone else can be blessed. Everyone will get to a point in their life when they realize that God is that he is....He is Real.
Some realize this at a young age and other find out later in life. Some sit right up in church every Sunday and still are disconnected.

For a long time, I was disconnected. I let the ways of the world distract me from knowing God for myself. I let the imperfection of people give me a doubt on the very existence of God. I let Church hurt push me away and dislike the gathering of the saints. Education made me question things written in his holy word. I let shame hinder me from lifting my hands and giving the Lord praise.

Things I learned in ancient books I read in college had my mind in complete shambles. I questioned some of the biblical stories that were being told. I did studies on King James and other prophets of this ancient times and the things revealed began to mess with my spirit. I didn't understand the lack the validity. It all just didn't seem real to me. I needed super natural proof for God to show me that he was real so I began to pray.
The devil began to play with my mind because he knew God's plan for my life. As I grew older I began to pay closer attention to things around me and I studied to be quiet so that I could hear God speak to my heart. God began to show up when my heart began to crave him. I know that there had to be more to this world and I wanted to understand my purpose. When God began to reveal himself to be I began to get scared.

I believe in the supernatural and I knew if it was real then GOD himself had to be real. God began to do a work on me, he began to show me things and just so I wouldn't think I was crazy he revealed it to someone else close to me at the same time. I had an experience so profound with the Lord that THAT DAY, I repented for my sins, ask him to come into my heart and help me do HIS WILL.

No, no one is perfect and God knows this, that's why everyday it's a fight in this walk to remain Christ-like. I don't look down on anyone for their belief but Whatever your religion, you got to know that...God is that he is. That statement along is so powerful: God IS, that he is!
I'm still a work in progress but my hunger for him is going to get me where I need to be. I have a thirst to be a soldier for the Lord and just when the devil thought he had led me astray God began to place people in my Life to redirect me BACK to the path He had chosen for me.

It's amazing how things will happen in your life that will be the turning point in your thinking. I went to do an interview about a book I was writing and I sat down with a woman so confident and beautiful. What made her even more beautiful was the way she spoke about God. It totally threw me off. She began to witness to my spirit and I began to want to know this Love for God that she spoke so strongly about. Her name is Cassandra Savage. She don't even know that her words pushed me closer to the Lord. I began to take heed to the words of wisdom coming out of her mouth..she said, "Don't be afraid to worship! Don't be afraid to Praise his Holy name. Began to get to know him. Study his word. Research who he is and what his purpose is for your life because you are not here by chance." She spoke with the biggest smile on her face and with so much love. Every other word out her mouth was a genuine appreciation for God's presence in her life. She gave all credit to God. I was truly inspired.

God began to line up people one by one that witnessed to me daily even when they didn't even know so. I was blown away. I'm not where I need to be but I'm not where I used to be. One thing for certain is...I know he's worthy of my praise.

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AMEN i got chills reading this Vee...great great great story..

Mo Diamond


I just wanted to let you know that I truly, truly loved reading your words on how God has inspired you! Monique sent me a link to your blog and I want to say, "keep on writing sister!" We need more sisters in the body of Christ speaking of His love and His great and awesome power! We don't need to be ashamed, because His love is so great and sufficient for us. Everyday He will build you up so that you can accomplish what He has placed you here to do!

Stay blessed and beautiful woman of God,

Tanika Feaster
The Savvy Columnist

Hopefully we can keep in touch! And keep one another encouraged in the Lord!

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