Stand Out!

Its amazing how we were all born with our very OWN identity but some of us still prefer being someone else. Not one person in this world has the same finger print but you rather imitate another person that puts their pants on one leg at a time just like you do??? Ummmm I have one word for that: FOOLISHNESS.

I don't see anything wrong with gathering some inspiration from someone here and there cuz let's face it...there's nothing new under the sun. The problem arises when you steal the creativity of someone else. Another problem is when you subconsciously don't like who you are and rather live vicariously through the life of someone else. You have NO idea who you are because you are too busy walking in another man shoes. Shoes that are either too big or small for you because they were not made for you and even "IF" they are your size, I guarantee that they were designed for a path that was NOT designed for you!

Who are you? What is your talent? What's your purpose? After you find your purpose why is it significant? How dare you not use a talent that the most high has blessed you with? If you don't use it, YOU LOSE it!! Do you know how many people would kill for the talent that you posses because they feel like that could use it better than you since you wasting it anyway. You've heard it before....
"Girl if I could sing like that I would be on Broadway".....
"Honey if I had them hips I would be on every magazine cover in this country"....
"Man if I could run like that every NFL team would be knocking on my door"...
"Chile if I could dance like that, Vegas would have my name on a billboard bigger than your house".....
I really could go on and on but you get the point.

You have the nerve to be sitting on your talent but complaining about your job, your life, your situation BUT the tools to create a better life is INSIDE YOU!

I will never stop saying this....DON'T TRY TO FIT IN, WHEN YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT! Use your purpose to make yourself Significant! Nothing is going to be handed to you, you have to have the hunger to go out here and get what's yours! You have to have the confidence to show people that you are about your business NOT to be played with! Have the focus and determination to perfect your craft!! Have the desire to want to SUCCEED!

Success is measured on so many different levels...find the one that gives you satisfaction and help someone do the same.

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