Good Shyt is NEVA FREE!

What is your hand out for? Nothing in this world 'worth having' is FREE!
Freedom is not even free so what makes people think that shyt should just be handed to them? How dare you want to use people for what they have to offer and you can't give one thing in return. You can't even offer your services because you posses nothing of VALUE!!

People will use you up and squeeze you bone dry. They will pick your brain for any and everything in it that can benefit them and won't offer you one dime! They have no significance, no importance what-so-ever but want the things reserved for the elite, hard-working folks. Uggghhh...that's not how it works. People will sit back and watch you grind and fight your way to the top, wait for you to get there and then ride the elevator up to the top to stand beside you. Ugggghhh....again I say..that's not how it works!! U didn't put in on this smokey!(Movie Quote: Friday). Users are popping up everywhere....u've heard the lines

Can I get one of your books for free?....
Can you give me one of your CD's?....
Can you get me in free?....
Can you teach me how to?......
Can you show me how to?.....
Can you help me with this?.....

I don't believe in being a user. Something inside me just don't feel right asking someone for something and it's not MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL! I do my share of community work and that's about as FREE as I get. Giving back to my community is the only pro bono service I offer. My business services that will financially benefit a client will no way, any day be pro bono! (pro bono= Latin word;meaning:'without payment').

I've put myself into a bracket that adds VALUE to whatever I'm involved in. I'm making myself significant so I can request the perks of the elite.
When people start requesting your services...start requesting your money and if they hesitate to offer you anything, INSTANTLY start speaking another language LOL. Apparently their not speaking your language anyway!

Don't be afraid to request what you are WORTH because Good Shyt ain't FREE!

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