Mama was the Cornerstone

Ya'll remember the days when grandma (big ma) use to be the cornerstone of the black family? This use to be true for majority of African American households. Big ma use to hold the family together and make sure to plan family gatherings on the regular. Some big ma's use to prepare family dinners every Sunday and the entire family would come to enjoy each other's company and an Thanksgiving like feast.

Big ma use to have the big southern style home with the wrap around porch with the rocking chair swing out front. She would have a vegetable garden out back and a flower garden out front. The trees in her yard would even grow some type of fruit. This is an illustration of a happy southern family. Everyone would be in good company with long time family friends and the good Soulfood cooking would fill the home with it's aroma. No one in the family come close to touching big ma's cooking! She had the best food in the world it seemed. Even when someone would fall ill or hurt themselves Grandma had her way with lots of old school home remedies and they all miraculously worked!Grandma meant a lot to the family because she had a hand in raising them all. Those were the days.

Now a days...grandmother's are barely in their 30's, still hanging in the club and don't have time to deal with the most precious thing life has to offer: FAMILY. You can see the shift in this cultural tradition by the lack of values and morals people have now towards family.

I pray one day we will get back to this tradition.

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