Women in Business

Women are loving, patient, supportive and kind. 
We are gentle, nurturing and forgiving. 
We are independent, intelligent and respectful. 
We are also organized and use to always being the engine that keeps the ship sailing. 

As a woman entrepreneur, you have to understand that sometimes in this competitive world of business those beautiful feminine characteristics have to be shelved! LOL, yes give them some shelf life honey! 
James Brown, the Godfather of soul said it best "This is a man's world but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman". 
We are soft beautiful creatures doing business in a man's world so we also need to take a page out of uncle Steve Harvey's book and THINK LIKE A MAN. 

Isn't that the nature of business anyway? 
In business, things will get tough and the unexpected will certainly occur but it's not a shot at your womanhood, it's business so don't get emotional.
Being emotional is the way we are wired so it's easy to react with your feelings when things don't appear to be going our way, however, if you want to climb to the next step on your success ladder, check those emotions at the door. 
There will be days that you will have to be tough.
There will be days when you will need to be demanding.
There will be days when being nice won't yield results.
In business you have to be a BOSS. When a woman is the C.E.O in order to keep that position sometimes that requires for you to be emotionally unmoved and strong. 

Learn how direct your energy in productive areas to counter negative vibes by doing the following:

1. Avoid negative conversations.
Yep you have to stay away from complainers. Some people don't offer anything productive but want to always complain. If you want to avoid stress, those people shouldn't have access to your business circle.

2. Think before you speak.
Even when you hear negativity don’t speak on it until you have fully investigated whether it's even worth a reaction! It's better to just remain calm and tackle those types of situations when you are more emotionally prepared or else you are just going to be constantly going off on a tangent. Folks are always going to have an opinion or something to say, if their words don't add "value" they aren't worth anything to you anyway. Be more action driven...use less words and let results speak for you. 

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Avoid negative vibes by not pressuring yourself too much. If something needs to be done allow enough time to complete it so that you are not missing deadlines and further stressing yourself out. Stay organized, delegate tasks and allow your business partners to help and carry some of the weight. 

4. Don't hide behind excuses.
Making excuses is a habit. Deal with situations head on so that you are able to quickly put it behind you. Excuses can easily turn into lies so stay clear of that extra dead weight by operating in honesty. Honesty doesn't aways equate to being a push over either. Sometimes the truth is tough and ugly but it's still the truth nevertheless and it will be respected as such.

When it comes to business you have to take yourself serious so that others follow suite. Some say "you have to lose yourself in order to win the game". Now don't run and take that simple means that it's sometimes necessary to step outside of yourself to get issh done!

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Being a young women black business women myself, this article most definitely caught my eye and spoke to my situation. There are times when I want to give in and be "Sweet & Subtle Sally" when Go Hard Gloria is needed to close the deal lol. It took me a minute but I've learned to separate my business from my personal life, it's easier to control emotions with associates. I also like to add that fear of rejection has a tendency to hold females back because we ARE sensitive, but nothing great happens if you're not taking chances. Go for it and learn from your mistakes on the way to the top.

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