Natural Hair in the Workplace

"Yes I'm fly and so is my hair!" 

Let's discuss what to wear with your natural hair in the workplace! This will be fun!  

When you arrive to work, walk into the office, approach your work station or cubicle do you feel the onlookers honing in on you from every corner in the room? 

Does it make you uncomfortable and insecure? 

Did you remember to do your "lets go getem" spot-check in the mirror before you walked out of the house? 

If this is your life then we have something in common, let's chat!
The most important thing you can do as a natural woman is STAND ABOVE THE "REST".  Don't give people any ammunition as it relates to your natural tresses. 

Everyone isn't going to like your natural but guess what, they don't have to! Returning to natural wasn't about was solely for you! They don't have to love it but they will respect it! Be sure to take care of your natural hair and give them something to admire!  Being natural is not just a hairstyle, its a life changing experience! Own it!

When you get dressed for work in the mornings dont forget the following:
1. A Smile 
As women, the most beautiful curve you have on your body is your smile. Wear it, everyday! When you wear your smile along with your natural style you better believe the onlookers will notice it. They notice EVERYTHING anyway right? Make it contagious! 

2. Confidence
When you appear insecure about yourself or whatever hairstyle you chose for the day, it's obvious so go the extra mile with your ntaural, keep it maintained and professional. Make your colleagues admirers! 

3. Class
There's nothing wrong with being creative but there's a time and place for everything. A lot of naturals love BIG imperfect hair, "the wilder, the better". Well, the office environment is probably not the best place to sew your wild oats! Work is about "work", aim to be respected and accepted. Carry yourself with dignity and keep it classy! You can be overly creative some other time LOL. 

Do these things and the unwanted opinion of others will be least of your workday worries.  Honey we are loving and "Living the Natural Life"!

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