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September | 2013

Everybody loves Cantu! When I returned to natural for the first time a beautiful natural sister in the hair store recommended this product line for me. Her hair was beautiful so I thought…hey if it works for her then it should work for me! 

The products pictured here are from my personal hair care haul and although Cantu has a very large line, these are the only products that I have purchased. Did they live up to the hype?

Let's talk about this line. Why is it so popular amongst naturals?
Cantu products are...
  • Made with pure shea butter
  • it's Gentle formula removes buildup
  • it leaves hair soft and shiny
  • are Safe for relaxed or color treated hair
  • Helps protect your hair from heat damage
  • and very Affordable
The Cantu Review!
Cantu Rinse Out Conditioner
Beauty Intoxicated Product Grade: B+
Ok so when I made the choice to buy these products this conditioner is what I was dying to try first and the price point was right up my ally so I wasn't nervous about buying it. It's priced under $5 and I easily went through about 2 bottles a month because I use A LOT of conditioner. When I used it my hair was very soft and manageable and I didn't have any tangles whatsoever.
I haven't tried this as a leave-in yet because it clearly states that its a "rinse out" conditioner. Some naturals will use any conditioner as a leave-in but I'm a little apprehensive of that. Now when I'm doing my shower rinse I do leave a little product on my hair just so I can feel that some of it is still there and working:) Is it safe to use a "rinse-out" as a "leave-in"?? Click here for more info on that topic. To say the least after using this product I still felt like there was something better out on the market that I could use, I wasn't deeply in love at all. I wasn't disappointed either…I was just satisfied.

Cantu Cream Shampoo
Beauty Intoxicated Product Grade: C
I wasn't that excited about purchasing this shampoo and it's probably because I've never had a shampoo that was exciting lol. I really just don't like how harsh the process is on black hair but you have to clean your tresses right?!  Well, this one didn't seem any different from other shampoos that i've used. I'm going to be hair and scalp felt clean but it still felt like my hair's natural oils were stripped. I despise that feeling YUK! It's going to cost you around $4 and I recommend pre-pooing before you use this product. A "pre-poo" is usually a treatment applied to hair prior to shampooing and yes it's necessary.

Cantu Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream
Beauty Intoxicated Product Grade: C+
I picked up this leave-in repair cream because of it's description. I have some small areas in my hair that I like to pay special attention to so this cream seemed like a good buy. I love the way it smells but I noticed that it doesn't mix well with other products and it's best if applied to freshly washed clean hair. I do not recommend this on old hair that has other products in it because it leaves a noticeable residue. Those unsightly mini white product-balls are a hell no-no! LOL

Cantu-Curl Activatior
Beauty Intoxicated Product Grade: C
A few weeks later I was ready for a visit back to the beauty supply store because of a review I saw on instagram. I read a short insta-review on this activator and it peeked my interest enough to want to try it. I'm going to tell you right now…if you mix it with other products you are going to have a milky residue in your hair and if your are anything like me then prepare to be mad lol. This pasty residue will become more translucent as it begins to dry but you will need to wash it out at the end of your day because it feels tacky and I don't mean tacky as in 'tasteless" I mean tacky to the touch. In my opinion, this curl activator is better on wash-n-go hair. I'm a twistout Queen and wash-n-go's aren't really my thing. If you love your wng's then you probably would love this product because it does activate your curls beautifully.

Check out some of these Reviews from my Instagram friends:

@lawann_33I do used these products when I started out. They are great products especially the leave in conditioner it is definitely a must have. I recommend anyone rather a natural or relaxed hair to use cantu you will not be disappointed.

I am new to this natural hair and so far I'm loving it but I have heard to use this product b/c it works so good! I'm alway looking at ways to help condition my hair n grow! So any tips will help. I will be getting this product to start off with tomorrow!

I hope you all enjoyed these reviews! If you have a product you would like me to try out leave a comment below or shoot me an email at 
Peace & Light Curlfriends! 

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