Natural Kids

Natural KIDS

Meet Londyn Shanell, my 7 year old:) Oh my how time flies don't it! She is a natural just like her mommy and she understands the importance of proper hair care. I teach her about pre-pooing, shampooing, the harmful ingredients in shampoo's, conditioning, deep conditioning, the dangers in heat styling and moisturizing. She's only 7 but she is absorbing this knowledge early. It's vital that we teach our daughter's the do's and don'ts of black hair and how to enhance it's beautiful features.

Londyn's texture is very easy to work with due to genetics. LOL, let me clean that up…I'm not patting myself on the back either, that credit goes to her father who's hispanic so her texture is mixed, curly and silky. I would never ever put a relaxer in my daughter's hair. I remember how pretty my natural was when I was very young and I also remember my first perm…well we all know the damage relaxers do to black hair over time and I really wish I could have known that and learned how to maintenance natural hair early but I didn't have a clue until the age of 27. The mistakes I made with my hair I vow to never let my daughter go through. I heavily research this industry and we both we benefit from it.

This pictures shows the results of her quick 2strand twistout . Last night I put about 6 twists in her already damp hair, I even showed her how to do it herself and she caught on quick.  This morning when we took her twists out I noticed that her hair was still damp in some spots meaning her hair is high porosity and retains moisture very well. Porosity is simply defined as hair's ability to absorb moisture and it makes a difference in what products should be used. My hair on the other hand is low porosity and needs assistance maintaining moisture like "sealing" it in with an oil.

The 2013-2014 academic school year starts tomorrow and my daughter says she really doesn't want a lot of hair bows and ponytails this year. She wants her hair out. I think she's too young to start wearing it out all the time because in my opinion hair bows preserves the youthful innocence of children so to come to a happy medium for the both of us I decided that she can wear different variations of natural styles. Now I have to toss out the twisty hair balls and purchase clips, headbands and ribbons:) I'm going to have a lot of fun with this!

Natural Kids are blessed:)

Products Used
To Twist:

  • Water and Aloe Vera juice mixture
  • Cashmere Curls Leave-in Conditioner
  • Wetline Extreme Styling Gel
To Untwist (in the morning):
  • Shea Moisture Gel SoufflĂ©
  • Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Mousse

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Thanks for sharing :) I really love this style on your daughter. I decided to start trying more natural styles on my daughters hair. She has never had a relaxer and has a great texure also. I just need to purchase some more products to see what works best for her hair. Keep posting throughout the school year!


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