Great Friends are Hard to Come By

Meet a Woman of Virtue and Strength...

Author Monique Yesenia is ALL Substance with a ton of Love, Understanding and even more Personality!

"Friends" are the family that you chose for yourself and "kin" are the "family" that God gives you. Well thank God for the ability to chose your family right lol! Having this woman as a friend is equivalent to having a valuable diamond in your possession at all times. This virtuous woman right here is the sister I always wanted, I'm blessed to have her as a great friend.

She is a two-time published Author and the creator of M.Y. (Monique Yesenia) Cosmetics.  Her publications include the titles "Lessons Learned" and "Think like the Original Woman". I did say she was virtuous right! I mean those titles alone show what this beauty is all about. As if that wasn't enough, Monique is also a motivational speaker and the force behind "the Evolution of Ethic Beauties" a Women's Empowerment and Social Group. Most notable of all she is one of my best friends and I learn from her daily. How amazing is it to have a best friend who possess such strength and worth.

A woman who can build her own successful brand from ground level, publish two novels, lead a powerful organization, and be an influential force in the lives of her family and friends allllllllll while battling Lupus is a woman who deserves to be honored!
Today, Beauty Intoxicated is honoring you and your brand! Thank you for being a strong Black woman. A powerful African Queen!

Monique Yesenia's Next event: 
Sunday, August 18, 2013
Time 2pm-until
House of Consciousness Debate Panel (Battle of the Sexes)
600 W. 35th St.
Norfolk, VA 23508
for more info call (757) 553-4663

For more info on Monique Yesenia and her upcoming events visit her site

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