Curly Afro

Oh how I love the Almighty Afro!

Many of the exciting benefits of being a natural is the many options that you have for hair styles! I wear a plethora of styles so I don't get bored. To mention a few, I sport the low side part, middle part, pin-ups, up do's, the side ponytail, the curly mohawk, the Mega bun, and the Almighty Afro.

Out of all of natural hair's versatility, the Curly Afro is my favorite! I gravitate towards my afro because it makes me feel more powerful. It's BIG, it's BOLD and it's Afrocentric. It's like my afro gives me an earthy type of energy. Huh? What the heck does that mean lol?? I swear I get this neon green glow around my body when my afro is in full effect, I feel like a superhero lol! ok I'm lying.

Let me explain. We all are made up of energy, in fact that's ALL we are…walking balls of energy. It's true. Your energy can be good, bad, high, low, mysterious, sexy, confident…whatever. Your energy is what people FEEL when they are in your presence.

When you are attracted to people, the attraction is not necessarily physical sometimes what you are attracted to is a person's ENERGY and that can go both ways. When you occasionally get a 'bad feeling' about someone you are feeling a energy from them that conflicts with yours.

My energy is Earthy. Like I was born in the wrong era. All of my friends can agree that I'm very adventurous, outgoing, energetic and connected to nature. I love being outdoors. I can sit in a field of dandelions naked with a straw hat, a mimosa and BE HAPPY lol. I'm in a stage in my life where I'm connecting more with Mother Africa and I feel like I'm finally coming to terms with who I really am and my purpose in this life. Learning more about the land from in which my people came has given me a connection to the root of my energy and that connection is the strongest when I'm sporting my almighty AFRO!

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