Favorite Natural Hair Products

By RoyalBeautyV ©
July, 2013

I get asked this question all the time...What are my favorite products? What products do I use the most?

Those are excellent questions beauties! I'm the type of person that has to fall in love with something before I purchase it. It has to stand out for many reasons and packaging isn't one of them!

Huh?! What?!  Bet you didn't know I was to say that did ya ;) *wink*. No but seriously I'm not sucked into fancy packaging because I believe "you can NOT judge a book by it's cover". I've had some of the best things come in plain packages. I'm solely looking for quality in every aspect of my life!

When it comes to hair products, it's important that I only use what's good for my natural hair. My hair is my side-chick and I love her lol! No but seriously I'm so serious about what goes into my hair because it's one of my best assets. Don't you have a favorite asset? Your rump, your eyes, your thighs???? Mine is my hair. And if you want to go a step further just for general purpose GP, my eyes are my 2nd favorite LOL.

Anywho here's a rundown of what I, (@royalbeautyv) love to use for my Natural Hair. Think of it as a "kit list", and don't steal that phrase because I just coined it LOL! I'm gonna copyright it later (yea, right!) LOL.

Protein Treatment (once a month)
Greek Yogurt: Yup just slap that food right in, let it set under a plastic cap for about 30mins and rise out!

My Shampooing/Conditioning Regimen: (once a week)
Terressentials Lavendar Mud Clay Wash: it's my hair detox. It washes impurities and unseen synthetic residues that may have been present in other products I've used throughout the week
Kinky Curly's Organic Gentle Shampoo: because it's gentle on my tresses and doesn't dry my hair out after shampooing.
Dax Roots Hair Mayonaise: It has mayo and egg protein and I use it to restore the protein back in my hair.
Cantu Shea Butter Rinse Out Conditioner: It makes my hair superrrrrrr soft
Organic Aloe Vera Juice: to strengthen and grow my hair. It also gives a beautiful natural hair some shine, post styling (used cold straight from the bottle BEFORE I seal in my moisture with an oil)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Flaxseed Oil: to seal in the moisture on wet hair after I used my aloe vera juice

Moisturizing (Twice a day | Day and Night)
Water/Aloe Juice mixture: I use it for growth and strengthening purposes. (1 part aloe vera juice and 2 parts water)
Cashmere Curls Leave-in Conditioner: lightweight doesn't leave residue and moisturizes like an angel sent from heaven LOL, seriously tho!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: lightweight oil that aid in dandruff prevention and it's great for scalp health.
Flaxseed Oil: also lightweight and great for growth.
*I rotate those oils, I don't use both in the same day. To make sure your hair is retaining moisture be sure to hydrate it by water-spritzing and then LOCK IN THAT MOISTURE with a healthy oil. 

Styling (as needed)
Dax Roots Bergamot Butter: Good for dry hair and reduces breakage while enhancing length
Cashmere Curl Soufflé: it's a good curl cream and smells like buttercream cupcakes LOL!
Beautiful Textures Curl Definer: use it as a curl pudding/definer when doing my 2-Strand Twistouts.
Curls Unleashed Curling Jelly: gives my curls an all day hold without the stiffness of a gel.

Welp! Those are the staples in my Hair Care Regimen Curlfriends!!! I love them all and they play a HUGE roll in my hair's health!!

What are your favorite products?
Stroll down to leave your comments below!

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