By RoyalBeautyV © 
June, 2013

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of studying under the Honorable Dr. Umar Johnson and his team! He laid down the foundation for "Black Pride" and the expierence was truly resounding!
Afterwards I submitted some feedback about how it changed my life…take a look

(below is my Letter to Dr. Umar Johnson and his Pan-Afrikan Team)

Good day,

I wanted to take a few minutes to submit feedback from my expierence with the Pan-Afrikan weekend workshop that graced Virginia a few weeks ago. To make a long story short, it changed my life and I will never be the same!
The B.Q.U.E.E.N workshop was very eye opening and helped me in tremendous ways as a black woman. I need that knowledge Sis. Anne was dropping everyday in my life! I'm now addicted!
The pride that I now have in my culture is the biggest change that I've seen in my self and in my life. I've turned everything around me Afrikan lol! The way I walk, talk, look, dress is Afrikan and I'm loving me! I'm a fashion advice columnist and my entire approach to promoting "beauty" has changed. It's redirected into spotlighting the origin of beauty: Afrika! My social influence is stronger and I see it everyday that I wake up and share my Afrikan Passion with the world. 

I stripped my European weave out and I'm rocking my all Natural, to my surprise my real hair is so gorgeous and honestly I really didn't know because I haven't worn my natural hair out in over 10 years. I was beyond shocked on how amazingly beautiful black hair is because I was never taught how to maintenance our kinky, coily textures so I hide mine under false tresses because that's what "America's" definition of beauty.  Dr. Umar Johnson's speech alone made me want to go completely natural in my appearance! Powerful right?! I went home and begin to research natural hair and how to properly care for my Afrikan hair. I was so please with the knowledge I begin to gain, I even soaked my acrylic nails off lol!

I truly feel as though your workshop gave me back a piece of me that was always missing: Pride for who I really was! 
I could never thank you enough! 
I'm Black and I'm Proud!