Spring time Mindframe (Thoughts from our Editor n Chief)

By RoyalBeautyV ©    
April 7, 2013

Spring is here! I'm so glad! This is my favorite time of year and you know what I really have no complaints because the winter wasn't harsh at all. When I say "harsh" I mean it wasn't a disrespectful cold lol. It snowed less than 5 times, probably closer to twice and one day of nerve wrecking slush. Here in VA that one day of slush produced close to 1,000 accidents and that's not an over exaggeration lol. Anywho, what's going on beauties? Today I just felt the need to connect with the readers and share some of my random thoughts.  My own person therapy is emptying my thoughts out to you.

I just moved again and I absolutely love my new spot. Everything about it is so me and more importantly every time I open my eyes I'm enjoying this beautiful place with the only man who deserves my LOVE: my husband. 

2013 is proving to be a beautiful year for me and I have only God to thank for that. God is so incredible and I have no choice but to acknowledge him and praise him for being such a loving God that cares enough about me to direct my path. The lessons that I have had to learn over the last few years have deepened my belief in his amazing grace. It's interesting how he will allow you to go through certain things to renew your mind. I can honestly say that my mind was so off course last year, at times when I wanted to do right God allowed me to expierence things to strengthen me. There is no testimony without a test first and honeyyyyyyy I was tested. Most of which I failed but now that I'm finally out of those dark storms I'm blessed to be able to access the damage, clean up and rebuild. It's so easy to go through life over-looking God's grace but it's not smart. Don't get to the point that God makes you acknowledge him. I for one don't want to be on God's bad side. Sometimes you have to go through things to recognize your blessings and I can honestly say I recognize every blessing in my life. 

I'm "springing" into new beginnings. God I thank you