Gifts for Men on Valentine's Day
© February 13, 2013

Gifts for Men on V-day!

Valentines Day is a few hours away!! What are you going to do for your boo? Men are a little difficult to shop for on V-day! Need some suggestions? Well here we goooooooo….

1. A great unisex gift idea is the oh-so-popular Edible Arrangements! Who doesn't like sweet, tasty fruitful treats??

2. A Leather Watch Case is a Great gift for men on this special day!! You can even get them personalized and if you're really fancy fill it up with watches too!! Men love watches so you may have to pick your man up off the floor from passing out lol!

3. Another great Beauty Intoxicated gift suggestion is the ever so dapper cuff-links case! We here at BeautyIntox are into men looking presidential and debonair so this gift idea is a perfect compliment to just that! To step it up a notch….Fill it up with different styles of cuff-links!!

4. Gift Suggestion Numero cuatro! A standing valet!! How amazing is that for your guy!! Men love to lay their clothing out before getting dressed and this is a great way for you to help them stay organized!

5. Ohhhh Yesss!! Now we are talking!! How about a unique Whiskey and Stone Set!! It's so out of the box, he will have no choice but to like it and use it!! Men love the "newness" of things! These whiskey stones are very popular in the world of wealth and they keep the Wiskey chilled!! How spectacular is that!

We hope you loved our suggestions!! We would love your feedback! Happy V-Day!!