21 Day Challenge

Day 1 "The Challenge"
So I started my 21-day Challenge. Maltz's Research says "it takes 21days to form a habit, new pathways and for new connections to form inside our brains. If this is the case then I wanna get in the habit of grinding for myself outside of my 9 to 5. 

I will challenge myself to be more consistent and aggresive in developing a plan of action for multiple streams of income, however I do understand that you must perfect them 1 at a time. Maltz's Research says that after day 21 your "new" habits will become harder to actually stop doing!! The habit won't let it stop! Well, isn't that amazing!

If u can give 8 hours a day to a JOB, then donating 1-2 hours a day into developing YOUR OWN business should be priority.

On your Mark Get Set Go!

Day 2 "The Vision"

"Put up a Vision Board"!! When i get home i will complete mine and fill it with all my short term goals for 2013!! Vision boards will clarify your goals, focus ur energy, help u establish new habits and encourage u to take ACTION!! Im excited!!

Day 3 "The Follow-UP"

Send out some emails to some of ur business connects, contacts and some influential people that u have networked with along the way. Keeping close contact with people in ur industry is so necessary!

…..Stay tuned for more

2013 Vision Board

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