Turn Him On

Discrete is oh so Sexy!

It's nothing like subtle intimate gestures from your partner to get your attention and put a naughty little grin on your face. Sometimes a little goes a long ways.

Today I'm going to give you 5 subtle sexy tips to "Turn Him On"

For me it starts with the Eyes:
Intense eyes will start a fight lol. When words won't do, the eyes will always tell the story. To set the mood between you and your boo just give his ass "that look" that you know he can't resist. With enough confidence behind "that look" you will never have to say a damn thing because the boo knows exactly what's about to go down when you serve him those eyes honey! If you are feeling a little more frisky throw a little lip action in it too! Lol! Softly bit your bottom lip, lick them slow and just stare at your man. Do I really have to elaborate on a conclusion after these gestures? LOL

Body Language
Don't talk just walk the walk. Whether you are out and about or inside the house with your boo, when you are sure you have his attention approach him from a distance with Tip #1 and add a slow stroll to it. Begin to approach him with a sexy stride. Give him BODY baby! Exaggerate every movement. Work them hips from side to side, move from your core and strut like a goddess. Before you get to close simple stop and smile seductively.

Tongue Action
Men pay attention to the movements of your mouth. They may not always give a damn about the words coming out it though lol. I promise ladies, words are NOT always needed. You can wrap your man around your finger without 1 word said. Randomly sit beside your man at any given moment and seductively run your index finger across your bottom lip slowly. Softly bit down on the on the tip and insert a little more in your mouth. By this time he should be frozen in place with his mouth open so you might as well go in for the kill, close your eyes, act like your the only 1 in the room and BLOWPOP your finger if you know what I mean lol. Trust me after this performance he is going to be snatching you up and heading to the bedroom.
This tip is also fun and freaky to do with a few juicy cherries.

Trigger Spots
Get to know your man's trigger spots. I call them trigger spots because if you touch it right then his gun is sure to go POP POP! On most men these areas are the same.
The front of his neck: When kissing him pay special attention to the area right where the Adam's apple is located. Kiss it passionately from top to bottom and when it gets a little damp from the moisture of your lips, blow it to add a cool senstation to the heat that's already being shared between the two of you. Another trigger spot is the nipples. I don't care what a man says they love their nipples fondled! Lick his nipples right and you will send shock waves through your man's body, command his attention with the tricks your tongue is giving his areolas. The ultimate trigger spot is his manly beast. Pay attention to any and everywhere around his manhood and brace yourself for a shootout honey!

Teasing your man can be oh so tantalizing. Periodically throughout the day text your man naughty messages. This is sure to set the tone before you lovebirds get home. You can take it a step further and send him pictures of you in sexy revealing poses while at work. Now don't get crazy, you have to take these picture in private lol. Go in the damn bathroom girl. Get creative and tap into your inner sex kitten and text him exactly what he can expect later. This is a sure way to have your man's full attention even with you being miles away.

Now Take these tips and go turn your man on ladies!! Have fun!

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HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate these tips! NOW! I gotta get a man to try them on! LOL!

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