Crystal Light

We are not getting any younger.

Ok you all know that I'm not a stranger to healthy eating. A few years ago I was a top seller in VA for nutritional products before I ventured into focusing more on my writing career. Last year I tried to really walk the walk and go 100% vegan. LOL, ummmm yea that didn't last long, those soy products taste like cardboard and after about 2 months of no meat, a sista needed a bacon cheeseburger--Don't judge me!!

I'm not going to sit here and lie and say I eat healthy everyday because I don't but please believe me, A little Goes a Long Way! I'm not a big fan of salads but I do get my greens in. I believe if God wanted me to eat salads everyday he would've made me a brontosaurs. Nevertheless I am I huge fan of the great american cobb salad and YES it has to have some avocado in it or IM PROTESTING!!

Ok let me make my point....I want ya'll to try these Crystal Light beverages because they are better for you than traditional juices and they really taste amazing! One pack makes 2 quarts and contains about 5 calories a serving. I been drinking them for about a month and even though the favor says Appletini it is not an alcohol beverage so chill lol! I do high recommend this as your drink of course in your home. What you put into your body will undoubtedly show on the outside so please be conscience of that at all times.

Your Health is your Wealth.

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