My Birthday Week

I had the most amazing birthday week ever!

I must say that this was the best birthdays of my life! My husband always finds a way to out-do himself every year. We are finally back in a comfortable financial space that allowed him to pretty much take the spending gloves off and spoil me rotten.
Now don't get me wrong great birthdays aren't about money money money…it was definitely the thought that he put into everything that he did that made my bday very memorable. I love my honey. Honey took me out all week, gave me surprise gifts all week and really showed how thoughtful he could be. (He's always thoughtful anyway:)

My friends also had their hands in making my special day epic!
My born day was 4/19 but I decided to celebrate it with a Pure white & Gold party on 4/20. I thought that was a fun day because of obvious reasons lol! The turn out was great!! Everyone looked so dazzling and regal in their fashions!
I would start calling names but I don't want to make a mistake and omit anyone so I'll play it safe and just thank EVERYONE collectively! I genuinely appreciate everyone who attended. You could have been anywhere in the world but you chose to celebrate with me and that means a lot.

In addition to having the pleasure of celebrating with my close friends and acquaintances, my bday cake was another one of the highlights of my night!! The cake ( was delivered to Purrsha (the venue), set up and it completely stole the show! Click on the pic to get a full view! It was a 5tier Stiletto cupcake tower and it was BEYOND DELICIOUS!! It wasn't too sweet, it was just right. I had two flavors, yellow cake and lemon! The decor on them was very elegant and fashionable. The detail on the top tier was MIND BLOWING!! I was in complete awe because the cake was a surprise to me from my hubby. I gave him a general idea and a sample picture and he hired a baker and together they completely out did themselves!!

Even my cards were special:)
I got 1 card from my bro Miles (my BFF's fiancé) who's unfortunately incarcerated and couldn't be here to celebrate with us but I'm hoping he will be home next year to. The card he sent me was very sentimental because it was skillfully crafted and handmade and I must admit it was the best card I received! Shoutout to all my fam and friends who know I LOVE cards and took their time out to pick up 1 that was perfect and "Vee":)

So I'm 29 years old now and I'm really not a person that like to go nuts every year when my day rolls around because I try to live everyday as if it's equally as special. This year I went all out because it's my last year in my 20's and that to me is a milestone. I'm not at all mentally ready to turn 30 next year but I'll make the best of it and embrace it. This year was everything I imagined and hoped for!! Thanks again to everyone who made me feel loved!

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Hey V....I really enjoyed myself inspite of me coming alone. U are a wonderful, very down to earth woman & I love that about u the few times we've crossed each others path. Just keep doing what u you're doing. I hope to stay in contact with u & support whateva u got going on....Smooches Diva. Signing off T.

It was a blast and WE (Lamar and I) would not have missed it for the WORLD! We love you sissy pooh!! Muah!

Had a blast as I always do with you bestie....thanks for shouting out my hubby sissy...we love you so much!

Mo and Myles

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