Spoil Yourself!

Who's guilty of "all work and no play"?

I don't want to live in a world where you can't enjoy the beauty in it!! Really, who wants to live just to work?! People really get caught up in bills and forget that life is NOT about a check to check, "who do I got to pay next", mentality. I feel sorry for people that never seem to have enough to spoil themselves because every dime they have coming in is also going out to collectors.

That's messed up to me seriously! It's overwhelming and depressing. You should be able to wine and dine yourself whenever you get ready and you don't have to be rich to do so! You can enjoy yourself whether you are making $8/hr or $80/hr. You just have to live within your means and find the best way to save a few dollars here and there. When making purchases the first thing I do is look for coupons. Whether online or in-store I first research a money saving deal out there that would allow me to pocket a few bucks. You can simply google a coupon for the store, product or service you are intending on using and usually there's always one available.

Just remember this....on the day God decides to call you home you want to be looking up at the sky saying "I enjoyed my time here" so do yourself a pleasurable favor and don't forget to SPOIL YOURSELF!

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