Sexy Sundays! What are you Wearing?

I'm a Fashion Whore!!! Yes I said it! I get off on creative, jaw dropping, eye catching, BOLD Fashion Statements! I've been into fashion since I was in the 4th grade and even studied fashion for 2years in high school. It's been a life long research project every since. I just can't get enough.

ok Ladies today I'm going to take you into a full "Head-to-Toe" MakeOver right from the comfort of your own home!! Take notes and don't be afraid to step outside your box:) I always recommend finding a celeb that best mimics your style and get your fashion inspiration from them. When shopping go for styles on the runways and in fashion magazines.
Ok now it's time for Head. Shoulders. Knees & Toes!

Let's face it when your hair is not done it completely throws off your whole outfit! Your tresses have to polished to perfection FIRST!! I'm a weaveologist! I believe in Extensions ok! Extensions add the extra piece of red carpet star quality that you need. I'm not against natural hair or short hair BUT for me extensions are a quick low maintenance hair option that is sure to stay Fabb longer than other style alternatives. The hands down BEST hair site in the world is
They deliver hair that is second to none in the industry and you get what you pay for QUALITY!

I'm in love with Victorian Era inspired Blouses. A blouse is completely different from a shirt ok lol! Victorian Blouses give a beautiful Royal Chic appeal and in my professional opinion it makes you stand out especially if you have the confidence to match. I love solid colors or profound prints. Sometimes floral prints can make you look elderly so try to stay away from that.
This Vintage style streams "Classic & Classy". It's an easy transformation from a daytime or nightlife look, it really can go both ways which is always a plus. Shop for blouses that synch in at the waist because it highlights your natural curves which is OH SO SEXY!!

Tights and Fashion stocking are so trendy aren't they! I wear them all year long. I have them in all styles, prints and patterns. When wearing lace tights remember that they are pretty much the focal point so don't go too crazy with your tops. I recommend a solid color top with trendy tights. Purchase a few pair of fishnets to. It's something about fishnet tights that seem to turn men on so make sure you have a few pair in your wardrobe ladies. Tights are NOT a workplace professional look so please don't attempt this on the job, you are going to come off wayyyy too sexy and in corporate America that is frowned upon. Most of the times when sporting bare legs a pair of stocking/tights are that extra statement piece that separate you from Basic --> to -->BADD!!

"The higher the heel the closer to God". Sky high heels are the epitome of shoe fashion! Ankle scraps are whats trending in heels this season. Anything around the ankle adds a touch of personality and a hint of seduction! I have ZERO discipline when it comes to shoes! No price is off limits and "color" is important. A lot of women feel safe in black attire and although I'm a colorful type of person I do understand that desire for "safety" in black. If you are a woman that caters more to black then ALL your shoes should be in color. It's nothing more sexier than a black dress, some lace stockings and a BOLD colored heel!

Alright Divas!! Here's your courtesy "at-home" MakeOver! It's Sexy Sundays!!! What are you Wearing!!

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Very nice V. I love it. Now I know what to look for when I go shopping!!! Thanks hun!!!

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