The Perfect Wedding

What's your ideal wedding?

Every little girl's dream is to have a gorgeous wedding surrounded by loved ones, the families and friends....
Right? Maybe not...

I never really got the point of having a lavish, over the top, exclusive wedding just to show off for your peeps. I didn't understand why people would want to waste hard earned money for other's to witness THEIR commitment in 'Love'. I was always the type that would rather use those funds to honeymoon and pamper one another, I didn't want to waste it away on "showcasing" my vows.

Hmmmm interesting right? Actually I never saw the big deal of a big wedding until recently. I guess I'm getting older and more mature. Now when I think about the "perfect" wedding I think about gazing into my partner's eyes on a beautiful costal beach with simple but elegant decorations and just enough family and friends to keep the mood intimate. I think about the peaceful open atmosphere of a beach that's not confined by walls, rules or religion. I think about the sounds of the waves crashing and the gentle breeze blowing up my wedding dress. I'm even bold enough to wear all white again lol. The pureness in my white will represent the pureness in the Love I have for my spouse. I think about the warm sand in between my manicured toes as I walk slowly towards my soon-to-be. I think about a Live pianist playing and singing softly as my close friends smile at me and choke back tears in their bridesmaid attire. I think about my soon-to-be standing there looking at me in amazement as the groomsmen dap him up in agreement.

I think about sharing a moment of Love with the ones I love...

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