Can I Make Love to You" Author: Royal Beauty V

I posted this Royal Beauty Original Passion story about a year ago and recently had some requests to repost it so here ya go:) Enjoy

Can I Make Love to you

The patio door is open… the ocean air is coming in and making my pretty nipples soooo hard. Tonight there’s the biggest brightest fullest moon glowing and its illuminating our frames as we stand semi naked in the door way. The smell of the ocean waves are hypnotizing my senses. We are in our own little private bungalow and have the freewill to fuck right outside if the mood leads us there.
My eyes are closed but I feel him staring at me. The only thing covering my body is his white business shirt and my hair is gently blowing into my face from the night air. I’m a bad muthafuka and I know it. He knows it’s so much more to me than my beauty and he’s ready to dive so deep inside and penetrate the rest of me.
He’s just standing there admiring my beauty and I’m admiring the beauty in his pants. He’s a sexy ass hood nigga and he’s standing as still as a statue in front of me in his white linen pants, no shirt. Ain’t a damn thing else on his body…no boxers, no nothing. I see that dick getting rock as the breeze blows.
I’m anticipating his touch and he knows it. What the hell is he waiting for? Ohhhh he wants me to fiend for the dick. He playing mind games and it’s ok because the longer we wait the more I cream my thighs….yes all this wetness is running down my legs…..
Then I feel his soft lips touch my chin….*sigh*
“Can I make Love to you”…he whispers
“yes daddy”…I answer
“tell me how you want it”…he sings along to the music
‘Omg’…I’m thinking, ‘just do this body right’. He yanks me closer to him and kisses me furiously. I’m so turned the fuck on… he runs his fingers thru my hair and pulls it softly. He is kissing my neck and nibbling on my throat. I need him right now!
Right there in the middle of the patio, we feast on each other’s intimate areas. We take turns sucking and slurping, touching and teasing. He enters me in every area on my body. My body becomes his. He gives me every ounce of his being. We are holding nothing back. I milk every cell from his body…
I won’t be satisfied until he passes out when I’m through
It’s going down on this patio as Tank sings “Can I make Love to you”

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