EyeLash Strips vs. Individual Lashes

I love Lashes!!

Although I prefer faux lashes, my natural lashes are long and curly so I can rock my own as well. Faux lashes are a bit more dramatic and my personality is a bit dramatic:) so we (me & my trusty lashes) have a great relationship LOL. Why wear false lashes in the first place? Well lashes give women a more feminine-star studded appeal and they are great for giving your eyes a bolder more "open" look.

There is a huge variety of lash extensions on the market: from very natural--to extremely dramatic. I have tried them all!!

Eyelash Strips: I love the versatility of strips. I like that you can remove them easily and you don't have to sleep in them nightly because if you sleep in them you run the risk of them having a very "balled up look" if you mistakenly sleep on your face. If you are in a deep slumber you CAN'T control how you rest so this is one less thing that you need to have on your mind right? I'm definitely not wasting any good sleep because of some lashes! Since they are easy to remove you can change up the style as much as you like. Some days you may want to sport a natural curl and if your going out for a night on the town then you many what to wear your studded lashes or glitter lashes. Like I said I have them ALL!!
How long to they last? Can you wear them multiple times?
I'm going to be honest, I normally don't wear the same strips for more than a day. I take them off at bedtime and I may wear them one more time if possible. You can't always wear them again because of the glue on the actual band, if you can't remove the glue from the band it tends to NOT stick properly after the first use.

Individual Lashes: Individual Lashes have their perks as well. They come in a few different lengths: short, medium and Long. When I get individuals of course I choose the longest ones because once again I'm dramatic. I tried putting on my own on one occasion and I didn't really have the patience so I decided to go and get them professionally done. The glue for individuals is different from strips. The glue for individuals is made to last alot longer. I don't recommended trying this glue on strips because of the durability. If your strips end up "balling up" after you sleep in them and you can't take them off then it kinda defeats the purpose of having that versatility in being able to change your strips daily right? To make a long story short DON'T use the glue for individuals on your scripts!!
How long did they last?
When I got my individuals done the first time I was happy and satisfied with the way they look. I could sleep in them, they were waterproof and they lasted about 3 weeks before I went back for a fill-in. Yes you have to go in for a fill-in because naturally the glue is going to soften on some of your lashes.
The second and third times I got them professionally done I was absolutely IN LOVE!! They were so FULL and long. One thing I did notice is that they didn't last as long when I got them super "full".

Tips for "Full Strips": Do you like a full look to your lashes? You can achieve this look if you are a "strips" lover as well. The trick is taking a a half of strip and putting it ON TOP of your first pair. Make sure you apply it to the end of your eye and it will give your scripts a little more drama. This trick is great for a night outand special occasions. If you haven't tried to wear lashes yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Once you do it you will love it!!! It's convenient in so many ways as well as enhancing your beauty! Get them done by a professional (strips or individuals) the first time and I guarantee you will not be disappointed:)

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